The Endorsement: Monk Fruit

The Endorsement: Monk Fruit

Splenda sales are collapsing. Aspartame - pfffft! Enter monk fruit

Sugar may be getting its groove back after consumers reject artificial sweeteners. Stevia is moving forward in fits and starts - and today almost half of all American households have products with stevia. Enter monk fruit. All natural, zero calories, about 200 times sweeter than sugar, with none of the bitter or licorice aftertaste some people notice with Reb-A stevia, monk fruit might be nature’s most nearly perfect sweetener. Bonus: heat-stable and works in all pH levels. We like Tate & Lyle’s Purefruit Select, which uses a special extraction technology to product a clean-tasting monk fruit.

For the complete business angle on monk fruit and stevia, check out the new Nutrition Business Journal / Engredea monograph report on Sweeteners. You're welcome.

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