Exclusive Manuka Honey from Your Own Beehive in New Zealand

Honey connoisseurs are in for a treat - the chance to own a beehive and receive their own exclusive brand of Manuka Honey, that can be sent anywhere in the world.

For the first time, consumers can sign up and become partners in their own beehive - they collect the delicious produce, while Your Pure Honey does all the work.

Manuka Honey is a unique medical honey. It is highly sought after for its health-giving properties, which are scientifically proven. It is only collected in New Zealand.

The honey clients receive will be collected solely from their one hive - no blending allowed.

Beehive partnerships are also available as a unique gift, to surprise clients, friends, and family.

Your Pure Honey is the brainchild of beekeeper Darcy Beehre and his business partner Luke Foster.

"We're trying to provide a luxury experience that's unique and personal," says Beehre.

"Normal honey is blended to provide a flavor that's consistent, but a bit bland. Each Your Pure Honey beehive has its own unique flavor, and because they receive the product of just one hive, each of our clients will get a rich, healthy honey that nobody else has."

Your Pure Honey has limited the numbers to 100 beehives so personal care and the finest quality honey can be provided.

From September, honey lovers from all over the world can sign up at http://www.yourpurehoney.com. There they can buy a one-year stake in a beehive - ranging from exclusive rights to a 10% share - which will produce honey for them from September to May.

They will also be able to follow the progress of their bees through a personal website and will receive a DVD showing their beehive in its natural surroundings.

The chemical-free beehives, which only use organic materials, are moved to remote sites around New Zealand to gather the best nectar from isolated native forests, far away from any sources of pollution.

Through the DVD and the website honey lovers will be able to trace their hive's journey, and see exactly where their honey comes from. They will also see how Active Manuka Honey, with its powerful antibacterial and healing properties, is produced and gathered.

As well as being an incredibly health-giving food, the Active Manuka Honey from Your Pure Honey also has a positive effect on the environment. Each beehive provides the funds to sustain 2ha (5 acres) of natural forest. That makes a large difference to each owner's carbon footprint.

"This is honey with a story," says Foster. "It's not just buying a health food - it's knowing that the food you consume is good not just for you, but also for the planet."

Three levels of ownership are offered, ranging from US$285 for a 10% share, to US$2,500 for full ownership.

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