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Experts convene strategic panel on sugar reduction

Experts convene strategic panel on sugar reduction
Stevia First CEO and other industry insiders discuss the future of stevia.

Stevia First Corp. (OTCQB: STVF), an agricultural biotechnology company based in California's Central Valley growing region and focused on the industrial scale production of stevia, the all-natural zero-calorie sweetener that is rapidly transforming the food and beverage industry, recently saw Company CEO Robert Brooke join a panel of industry experts as part of "Sugar Reduction 2015."

The expert program consists of four sessions bringing together world-class speakers and panelists who share new insights and fresh perspectives on the most recent developments in sugar reduction and sweeteners. The series is tailored to a global audience of professionals who play a role in developing sugar-reduced food and beverages such as R&D and applications teams, nutritionists and health specialists, product management and business development, regulatory, innovation specialists.

The panel organizers, Newedge SAS, brought Mr. Brooke together with Sidd Purkayastha, PhD, vice president of business development and regulatory affairs at PureCircle Ltd. (USA); Andrea Belford, senior business scientist at Ingredion Inc. (USA); and Richard Clarke, director at Ingredient Communications (UK). The ensuing discussion titled "High stakes for Stevia: What now for the world's number one natural sweetener?" is available for viewing here.

"This expert series of discussions is a must-see for anyone interested in the future of the sweetener industry and especially those professionals with a stake in sugar reduction," comments Robert Brooke, CEO of Stevia First Corp. "It was an extraordinary opportunity to exchange ideas with other stakeholders in this sector and to hear a variety of very informed perspectives."


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