Galam Group to exhibit at IFT

Galam Group will be exhibiting in the upcoming IFT in New Orleans, featuring its line of products and particularly its premium sweetener, Fruitose® (crystalline fructose).

This is the first time Galam will be present in an event organized in North America, being in line with the company's strategy to extend its activity beyond the European continent and to act globally.

Galam's Fruitose® is NON GMO and it is the sweetest natural sugar, characterized by a low glycemic index (GI) making it the sweetener of choice for manufacturers of health food and beverages. Moreover, Fruitose® enhances flavor perception and helps masking bitterness of artificial sweeteners.

Our unique know-how has allowed us to develop an efficient process for purifying fructose into crystals. As a result, our Fruitose®, manufactured from pure sugar, has a purity level that is above 99.5%.

Galam has been constantly trying over the years to develop innovative solutions for different applications in the food industry in general and for beverages in particularly.

Being for several years involved in the sweeteners business through its crystalline fructose, Galam has developed expertise in different fields linked to the sweetening process. We have been developing recently tailored-made sweet blends for the beverage industry, the purpose being to offer innovative solutions that will enable producing healthier products with various claims like:

- Low/No sugar
- Low Calorie
- Low GI
- Suitable for Diabetics

Galam is also supplying to the beverages' segment innovative solutions for mineral fortification thanks to a wide range of mineral gluconates and lactates.

During the coming IFT, we will be pleased to provide our visitors for a full set of recipes combining fructose but also various sweeteners and minerals. We will present also many applications like flavored water sweetened with Fruitose®, yogurt sweetened with Fruitose® and fortified with minerals etc…

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For more information please contact:
Jacques Maman
Corporate Marketing Manager
Galam Ltd
Tel: +972-4-6375161
Mobile: +972-54-4921288
Fax: +972-4-6370444
[email protected]

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