LAYN shows monk fruit sweeteners at SupplySide

LAYN shows monk fruit sweeteners at SupplySide

Company will present its Go-Luo brand monk fruit sweeteners and Lovia brand sweetener, which combines monk fruit and stevia.

LAYN USA, a subsidiary of Guilin LAYN Natural Ingredients Corp., will present its Go-Luo® brand monk fruit sweeteners and its Lovia® brand sweetener, a unique combination of monk fruit and stevia at SupplySide Marketplace (Booth #427), May 1 to 2, at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.

"There is significant interest among consumers in alternative natural sweeteners right now," said Chris Tower, president of LAYN USA, Inc. "LAYN is a pioneer in the development of the natural sweetener category and is pleased to offer a broad range of natural sweeteners based on monk fruit and stevia to manufacturers."

Monk fruit has become popular as a superior tasting, natural, zero-calorie, high-intensity sweetener. LAYN's Go-Luo brand is available is several concentrations up to 55% mogroside-v, approximately 250 times sweeter than sugar.


LAYN will also introduce Lovia, a unique combination of stevia leaf and monk fruit.  The proprietary blend of monk fruit with stevia offers the sweet taste of monk fruit while reducing the bitter aftertaste of stevia.

Go-Luo and Lovia can be formulated into beverages, sodas, dairy, yogurt, protein powders, bakery items, cereals, tablets, bars, candies, tabletop sweeteners and a variety of other food applications. Both of LAYN's stevia and monk fruit ingredients have secured GRAS published status on the Food & Drug Administration GRAS Notice Inventory.

LAYN manages the traceability for the entire value chain where it controls its proprietary seedlings, cultivates the monk fruit and stevia as well as produces the final sweetener. LAYN's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are certified GMP and capable of large-scale production.


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