Matsun manufactures yacon root syrup

Matsun manufactures yacon root syrup

With natural sweetener use on the rise, Matsun Nutrition is adding yacon root syrup to its ever-expanding list of formulations. 

People are always on the lookout for the next big product to help with weight loss. Gaining in popularity right now is yacon root syrup, thanks in part to a recent discussion on a reputable medical television program highlighting this natural sweetener’s weight management benefits. In response to the increased demand for this product, Matsun Nutrition is pleased to be offering yacon root syrup for contract manufacturing.

"We are very excited to offer Yacon Syrup to our clients. Every time there is a breakthrough in weight management supplementation, we see an influx in production. We look forward to helping our clients succeed with another quality product offering," said Brett Peterson, president of business development at Matsun Nutrition.

Yacon root syrup comes from the perennial Yacon (Smallanthus onchifolius) plant that grows in Peru. Yacon root syrup provides one of the highest concentrations of fructooligosaccharides found in nature, making it a great source of this prebiotic natural sweetener. The yacon root syrup offered by Matsun Nutrition is non-GMO and organic, making it ideal for those looking for a natural alternative to standard sugars.

Companies interested in offering yacon root syrup to their customers can work with Matsun Nutrition to design a product specifically for their needs. In addition to offering yacon root syrup for contact manufacturing, Matsun Nutrition is also offering this weight management aid for private labeling. To get a quote for the many services, Matsun Nutrition provides



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