MRM launches zero-calorie TreLEAFia sweetener

MRM launches zero-calorie TreLEAFia sweetener

Non-GMO TreLEAFia blends just three pure ingredients: stevia extract, monk fruit extract and Trehalose.

Nutritional products producer MRM is set to introduce TreLEAFia™, a proprietary sugar replacement blend, as a means of providing consumers a totally natural, calorie-free option to help reduce calorie intake by replacing refined sugars in the diet.

Gently plucked from nature, TreLEAFia blends just three pure ingredients: stevia extract, monk fruit extract and Trehalose. Each GMO-free ingredient is carefully extracted using a vegan-friendly process that harnesses the sweetness of the natural element, without residual bitterness. It’s sweetness by nature, and balance by design.

A little goes a long way
Most products designed to replace sugar offer a 1-to-1 replacement by volume. While simple to use, many sugar replacements add unnecessary components, such as cheap fillers, flavors, sugar alcohols or artificial ingredients.

By design, TreLEAFia replaces sugar in an 8-to-1 concentrated blend offering the sweetness of sugar without calories. With no added fillers or sugar alcohols, there are no hidden or extra calories and no chance of negative impact on blood sugar levels.

Delicious, well-balanced TreLEAFia can already be found in many quality MRM health and active lifestyle formulas. Now, calorie-conscious individuals seeking a natural alternative to sugar have a pure, wholesome way to replace a portion, or all, sugar in food and beverages.

“Successful use of natural flavors and sugar alternatives is something MRM has done for over a decade, so it was a natural progression to offer this healthy blend on its own,” said registered dietician and MRM research and development team member Chuck Rudolph.  

Download the TreLEAFia companion cookbook at for delicious ideas and healthy recipes.


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