Nagase to show beauty beverage, crackers with TREHA

Nagase to show beauty beverage, crackers with TREHA

With texture, shelf life, flavor and aroma benefits, trehalose can provide innovation in beverages, snacks, bakery, meats, frozen foods and confections.

Nagase America will highlight the unique benefits of TREHA™ trehalose in beverage and snack applications at SupplySide West 2014. Trehalose is a multifunctional disaccharide, naturally occurring in mushrooms, yeast, honey, and other foodstuffs, with benefits in many food categories. Nagase America will be at booth 18135 at SupplySide West, held in Las Vegas on Oct. 8 and 9. TREHA trehalose is distributed exclusively by Cargill in the United States and Europe for food and supplement applications.

Collagen beauty beverage: This beverage is both tasty and on-trend. A sensory panel rated the beverage prepared with trehalose as better tasting than the sucrose control. Trehalose can mask off flavors and odors associated with high intensity sweeteners, vitamins and minerals, as well as amino acids. This functional beverage contains collagen, a protein associated with skin elasticity, as well as high intensity sweeteners.

Crispy cheese crackers: These snack crackers featuring TREHA trehalose have a unique crispiness and enhanced shelf-life. Trehalose may provide unique benefits for crispiness and shelf-life in baked, extruded, and fried snacks.

“TREHA trehalose is an extremely versatile ingredient,” said Sharrann Simmons, senior business manager at Nagase America. “With benefits for texture, shelf-life, as well as flavor and aroma, trehalose can provide innovation not only in the beverage and snack areas that we are highlighting at SupplySide West but also in bakery, meats, fruit-processing, frozen foods and confections.”


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