OatSweet announces new brokers

OatSweet announces new brokers

Oat Tech strikes new broker relationships to serve regional and national accounts.

Oat Tech Inc., maker of the new nutritive sweetener OatSweet, has announced its selection of four new ingredients brokers to help facilitate the company's expansion and meet customer needs. Founded in 2012 after 10 years of research and development into natural oats-based ingredients, Oat Tech's products align perfectly with current health and nutrition trends, and the company, based here with an additional office in Lincoln, Neb., is growing rapidly.

The four brokers are:

  • Battle Creek Ingredient Group (Michigan, Northern Indiana, Northern Ohio)
  • R&P Ingredients (Southern California, Arizona)
  • S. Albert & Associates (Northern California, Oregon, Washington)
  • Dancing Bear Ingredients (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas)

"We've selected four highly experienced ingredients brokers who see the tremendous possibilites of OatSweet and are excited and enthusiastic about bringing it to their customers," said Rick Williams, president of Oat Tech. "This brings a new level of outreach and sales to our team and allows us to deliver great service to manufacturers. Meanwhile, word of OatSweet is spreading as health-conscious consumers seek products made with better sweeteners, avoiding fructose and genetically modified ingredients, for example."

OatSweet offers manufacturers its desirable characteristics at a competitive price. Made from wholesome oats using an all-natural process, OatSweet syrup's delicious flavor profile contributes pleasant yet subtle caramel and honey notes with a clean finish. Functionally similar to brown rice syrup, with comparable binding properties and texture, with a wide range of applications including bars, cereals, baked goods, beverages, meal supplements, ice creams, confections and candies, OatSweet is ideal for products destined for the natural foods market and consumer. OatSweet is vegan, non-GMO, cost-effective, has no fructose content, and is made in the United States from oats grown in North America. Functional Ingredients magazine gave OatSweet its Editor's Choice award for Best Ingredient for Food 2012.

Oat Tech founder and CEO Paul J. Whalen, Ph.D., invented the patented technology for OatSweet. Oat Tech President Rick L. Williams has led and developed successful businesses from leading food companies to innovative start-ups, and his experience includes extensive knowledge of the natural and organic sector. Rebecca R. Williams, Ph.D., a food scientist with expertise in new product and ingredient development in the natural and healthy foods category, leads Oat Tech's applications work and technical sales support for customers and brokers.


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