Pyure Brands launches 'Say No to GMOs' campaign

Pyure Brands launches 'Say No to GMOs' campaign

Florida-based stevia company will launch its campaign at Expo East by asking show attendees to join in the fight against GMOs.

Florida-based stevia sweetener company Pyure Brands is intensifying its consumer health initiative by taking a stand against foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The company will launch its “Say No to GMOs” campaign at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore Sept. 26 to 28 by asking show attendees to join in the fight against genetically engineered foods.

Pyure Brands has partnered with Just Label It to help encourage the FDA to mandate the labeling of foods that use ingredients produced with genetic engineering. Company representatives at its Expo East booth (#2523) will assist visitors as they petition their local legislators via the convenient Just Label It web application on tablet computers.

The “Say No to GMOs” campaign aligns perfectly with Pyure Brands’ mission of providing smarter, healthier choices for consumers. A pioneer in the ingredient transparency movement, Pyure Brands was the first stevia company to market a USDA-certified organic stevia sweetener, and also the first to have its stevia Verified by the Non-GMO Project.

“The fact that the genetically engineered foods are not required to be labeled in the United States in 2013 is not acceptable,” said Benjamin Fleischer, CEO of Pyure Brands. “Through our new campaign, we hope to help force legislation that puts the interests of the American people ahead of the interests of a few large chemical companies.”

Following Expo East, Pyure Brands will continue the campaign online via its website and social media platforms. The company will also encourage consumers to lessen their dependency on sugar and chemical sweeteners. Social media followers will be encouraged to rid their pantries of artificial sweeteners in exchange for coupons for healthy Pyure Brands stevia products.

“We want people to realize that they do not have to sacrifice taste to eliminate sugar and artificial sweeteners from their diets,” said Fleischer. “Pyure Brands stevia sweetens your coffee, tea, cookies and cakes just as well as sugar does—without all of the empty calories that sugar brings.”


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