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Steviva Ingredients launches MonkSweet portfolio

Steviva Ingredients launches MonkSweet portfolio
New non-GMO, low-calorie sweetener line made from monk fruit and stevia is designed for beverages, sauces and baked goods.

Steviva Ingredients, a global supplier of all-natural, high-intensity and custom sweeteners, and industry leader in Clean Label Sugar Reduction™, has launched a full line of monk fruit-stevia sweetener blend solutions. 

The MonkSweet™ portfolio is comprised of five all-natural sweetening systems and grades, bringing together optimal levels of proprietary monk fruit (lo han guo) and stevia or erythritol. Included are:

  • MonkSweet +™ — a blend of SteviaSweet 95-60, monk fruit extract and Erysweet Erythritol. Twice as sweet as sugar with 0.2 calories per gram, it delivers a naturally sweet, minimal calorie solution with a similar mouthfeel to sugar. 
  • MonkSweet™ LS —monk fruit stevia blend has 250 times the sweetness of sucrose. The unique combination of steviol glycosides and the compounds in monk fruit result in a deliciously sweet, well-rounded flavor profile.
  • MonkSweet™ — pure monk fruit extract. Has a neutral flavor in most applications and is available in three grades, including: 
  • MonkSweet™ V25 — 25% minimum mogroside V, the most cost effective monk fruit sweetener with a neutral flavor profile, is suitable for beverage and baked goods.
  • MonkSweet™ V40 —With 300 times the sweetening power of sugar V40 (40% minimum mogroside V), blends perfectly with nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners to deliver further calorie and sugar reductions.
  • MonkSweet™ V50 — 400 times sweeter than sugar, V50 (50% minimum mogroside V) is the most intensely sweet of the MonkSweet family. V50 also pairs well with other sweeteners and delivers even further clean label sugar reduction.

Monk fruit is a relative newcomer to the market, and is derived from a group of glycosides called mogrosides. Steviva Ingredients extracts mogroside V, the sweetest of these, from the pulp of the fruit via water extraction, a method providing the cleanest flavor because it is free from residue and chemical solvents. The addition of monk fruit extract contributes additional sweetness, while helping to eliminate or reduce the need for added sugar. Monk fruit extract not only acts as a natural flavor enhancer, it is a perfect complement to stevia, masking the off-notes sometimes associated with stevia.

Each of the MonkSweet formulations can assist manufacturers in the quest for Clean Label Sugar Reduction, easily plugging into formulations to replace sucrose or high fructose corn syrup. The result is a reduction in calories and reduced sugar on nutritional labels while simultaneously enhancing flavor.  

As with all Steviva Ingredients’ sweetening system solutions, the MonkSweet line will meet consumer demands for GMO-free, allergen-free, kosher certified food, and is appealing to diabetics because of its low glycemic load.

Designed for beverages, cereals, confectionery products, desserts, fruit products, ice cream, jams and jellies, meal replacement bars and snacks, MonkSweet is highly soluble, as well as non-fermenting. It is appropriate in a wide range of formulations because it works well with other sweeteners and is heat, shelf and pH stable. 

MonkSweet products are available in 25kg poly-lined boxes and 1000kg totes. For more information and samples, please contact [email protected], call 310.455.9876 or click here.

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