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Tate & Lyle renews Splenda alliance

Tate & Lyle renews Splenda alliance
Focus of the renewed partnership with McNeil Nutritionals will be the development and growth of the global market for sucralose and the Splenda brand.

Tate & Lyle PLC announced the latest phase of its 30-year Sucralose partnership with McNeil Nutritionals LLC through the establishment of a renewed SPLENDA® alliance. The focus for the renewed partnership will be the development and growth of the global market for Sucralose and the SPLENDA brand.

This is a natural evolution of the long-term partnership that has nurtured the success of Sucralose and the SPLENDA brand, following the strategic realignment announced in 2004. At that time, Tate & Lyle took over McNeil Nutritionals’ Sucralose manufacturing assets and responsibility for worldwide food and beverage ingredient sales, while McNeil Nutritionals LLC retained ownership of the SPLENDA brand and the retail and food service business.Both companies will partner on the continued development and promotion of the SPLENDA Brand and Sucralose, including ingredient and brand protection initiatives. The new arrangements include terms for ongoing supply upon expiration of the current agreement. The partnership will continue to leverage the strengths of each company and ensure the continued growth of the SPLENDA Sucralose business and the SPLENDA brand globally.

Javed Ahmed, chief executive of Tate & Lyle, said: “We are delighted about the continuation of our established 30-year partnership with McNeil Nutritionals and look forward to the next phase of the relationship. Alongside our global partners, we are committed to growing the global market for SPLENDA Sucralose, which remains the high intensity sweetener of choice due to its superior taste profile and stability, enabling its use across a broad range of applications. Together, we will continue to ensure that the SPLENDA brand remains the benchmark within the industry for quality, reliability and innovation well into the future.”


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