Tate & Lyle showcases two new REBALANCE™ ingredient systems at the “World of Private Label” exhibition in Amsterdam

Tate & Lyle continues to expand its REBALANCE™ range with new ingredient systems for reduced-sugars or no-added-sugars desserts and sauces, and will be showcasing these at the “World of Private Label” exhibition in Amsterdam, 22-23 May. Private or ‘own label’ is growing market share across Europe - particularly in the UK.

Lucy Beverley, Assistant Marketing Manager, Tate & Lyle said, “Consumer interest in health and wellness is shaping the food industry and driving new product formulation. Consumers expect increased choice and lighter options, and that extends not only to the big brands but to private or own label products. In response to this, Tate & Lyle has increasingly been working with own-label manufacturers and the food service sector to develop, reformulate and enrich their products without impacting on taste and mouthfeel.”

In response to the demand for lighter products, Tate & Lyle’s European research team has developed two new sweetening and texturizing systems for low-fat aerated dairy desserts. Perfect for low-fat chocolate mousse, Dairy Dessert REBALANCE™ systems are available for reduced-sugars and no-added-sugars formulations – reducing sugars by 52 per cent and 73 per cent respectively*.

By using SPLENDA® Sucralose and a specialised blend of Tate & Lyle ingredients, Dairy Dessert REBALANCE™ can be used with Belgian chocolate to make a deliciously indulgent chocolate mousse with an impressive calorie reduction of just over 40 per cent. The reduced sugar formulation is also high in dietary fibres and contains a combination of prebiotic soluble fibres. Research conducted by Tate & Lyle has shown that 35% of consumers in the UK, France and Germany want reduced-calorie chilled desserts. 33% want reduced-sugar chilled desserts – rising to 47% for dairy desserts consumed by children.

Caroline Sanders, Tate & Lyle’s European Solution Systems Product Manager said. “Last year we launched Dairy Dessert REBALANCE™ formulations for spoonable and set products like custards and flans, so developing a luxurious but light chocolate mousse was a natural next step. By using Tate & Lyle Cesalpinia’s FRIMULSION texturant and emulsifier in the final recipes we’ve been able to make substantial calorie savings but keep the indulgent, creamy mouthfeel consumers expect from a treat.”

Customers in the savoury foods convenience sector are also looking to offer reduced sugars and reduced calorie products. Responding to this demand, Tate & Lyle has extended its original Sauce REBALANCE™ line with a sweetening, texturising and bulking system for sweet and sour sauce. This new Sauce REBALANCE™ system provides the gloss, shine, flavour and texture that consumers expect from sweet and sour sauce but, in addition, reduces the calorie content by over 60% compared with a standard full sugar recipe. By combining a select range of Tate & Lyle ingredients with SPLENDA® Sucralose, sauces made with this ingredient system are acid, heat and shear stable and have optimal product shelf life.

* All percentages for Dairy Dessert REBALANCE™ are compared with traditional full fat, full sugars products.

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