TIC Gums Launches TicaPAN™ Quick Crunch as Innovative Alternative To Gum Arabic

More satisfying crunchiness in finished shells for confectionery coating
and panning applications

White Marsh, MD—January 22, 2010 - TIC Gums has introduced TicaPAN™ Quick Crunch, the ideal system for sugar and sugar alcohol syrups used in confectionery coating and hard panning. “In addition to cost and production time savings, TicaPAN™ Quick Crunch is an advantageous alternative to gum arabic because it provides harder and crunchier shells,” said Maureen L. Akins, MS, Applications Manager and TicaPAN™ Project Manager.

In citing an array of product development advantages, Akins stated that TicaPAN™ Quick Crunch is derived from locally available materials, eliminating the ongoing concern for dependable supplies from Africa and ensuring a more stable cost since it is not subject to import restrictions.

Significant production advantages

Akins said, “When compared to gum arabic, there are significant production advantages with TicaPAN™ Quick Crunch, including ease of hydration, ease of processing, and ease to pan a smooth finish. A non-GMO grade is available as well as a cold water soluble version.” Akins added that TicaPAN™ Quick Crunch meets sugar free FDA guidelines and other regulatory standards.

A crunchier alternative to gum arabic

“TicaPAN™ Quick Crunch dries up to 20% faster than gum arabic, making it ideal for sealing, hard panning and chocolate panning confectioneries in both sugar and non-sugar alternatives. In addition to providing crunch, using TicaPAN™ Quick Crunch allows for a whiter shell to be achieved,” said Akins.

When it comes to sensory appeal, confectionery and chewing gum manufacturers are well aware of the added benefit of a crunchier shell. According to The Flavor Bible, authored by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, crunchiness is an important component in mouthfeel, contributing a combined sensation of pleasing texture with the accompanying sound of vigorous, and prolonged chewing. These attributes define many ‘fun’ foods, such as confections, novelty and functional chewing gums and cake icings with innovative and enticing textures.

In spite of the worldwide consumer trend toward essential and healthier food choices, the confectionery market continues to grow. According to Datamonitor’s 2008 Report on the Global Confectionery Industry, this market is expected to reach $107.4 billion by the end of 2010.

Stacy VanDenHeuvel, Marketing Specialist at TIC Gums, stated that “Customers who want to reformulate their products or create new ones with TIC Gums’ TicaPAN™ Quick Crunch can depend on our team of Gum Gurus, who are ready to work side by side with them right from the earliest stages of product development. Throughout the process, we can assist in overcoming formulation and product challenges, finding the solutions that bring innovative, more appealing products to discriminating customers who crave better taste and texture performance.”

For more information about TIC Gums’ TicaPAN™ Quick Crunch, please call us at (800) 899-3953 or visit us at ticgums.com/quickcrunch.

TIC Gums offers a complete line of texture and stabilization solutions for the food industry: Agar, Agaroid®, Alginates, Acacia, Aragum®, Caragum®, Carrageenan, Colloids, Dairyblend, FASTirTM, Guar Gum, Guarcel®, GuarNT®, GuarNT® Flavor Free, Hercules® Ester Gum, Inulin, Locust Bean Gum, Nutriloid®, Pectin, Pre-Hydrated®, Saladizer®, Stabilizers, Ticacel® MCC, Ticagel®, Ticaloid®, Ticalose® CMC, Ticamulsion® TicaPANTM, Ticaxan® Xanthan and TICorganic® certified organic products.

The content of the beaker on the left is gum arabic. The beaker on the right contains TicaPAN™ Quick Crunch. Photo courtesy of TIC Gums.

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