Truvia launches multimillion dollar marketing campaign

Truvia launches multimillion dollar marketing campaign

New "From Nature. For Sweetness." campaign comes on the heels of several new product introductions, including Truvia Baking Blend, that are bringing new consumers into the category.

Truvia, the number-one natural zero calorie sweetener, announced the launch of a multimillion dollar integrated marketing campaign, "From Nature. For Sweetness." The new creative campaign, kicked off on Sept. 24, will further drive consumer awareness, trial and adoption of Truvia products in the U.S. Since opening the U.S. market for stevia-based sweeteners in 2008, the Truvia brand has led the natural sweetener category and now holds a 61 percent market share.

The new integrated marketing campaign comes on the heels of several new product introductions—including Truvia Baking Blend that bakes and browns like sugar but with 75 percent fewer calories per servingthat are bringing new consumers into the category. In fact since the introduction of Truvia natural sweetener, the sugar substitute category has grown 20 percent. With stevia-based products expected to represent roughly 80 percent of the market for natural sweetness, the latest Truvia campaign speaks to the growing audience of consumers looking for natural products.

"With more consumers turning to stevia-based products, we saw an opportunity to reach a broader audience of women and men, who care about where their food comes from," said Mark Brooks, global consumer products director for Truvia brand. "The Truvia brand was the firstto open the market for stevia-based sweetness and provide consumers with a natural choice for balancing sugars and calories in their diet. As we continue to lead this new category of natural sweetness, we looked to engage consumers in the Truvia story by focusing on its origin—the stevia plant."

Today, stevia products have reached a tipping point in terms of consumer purchase and awareness. More than 56 million U.S. households have purchased products made with stevia sweeteners, up from 49 million during the last 52-week period. Stevia-based beverage product introductions nearly doubled between 2010 and 2011. As consumers look for natural ways to manage calories and sugars in their diet, the Truvia brand has become a staple in their cupboard.

"Building on the success of the brand to date, we wanted this campaign to showcase the Truvia brand mission—to bring sweetness from nature to the world in all forms," said Jim Haven, executive creative director of Creature, the creative agency responsible for the new campaign. "The campaign will launch with a series of television broadcast spots that showcase the stevia plant as one of "nature's celebrities." Filmed in a lush forest setting, the creative brings consumers back to the natural roots of Truvia sweetness with the tagline, "From Nature. For Sweetness."

The ads feature beautiful pictures of nature and the stevia plant as well as close-up images of Truvia natural sweetener products in coffee, beverages and baking. Leveraging the talent and creativity of its agency partners—including Creature, Universal McCann, MARS Advertising, Periscope and RF|Binder - the integrated campaign will engage consumers with the brand in a whole new way. The marketing campaign includes 30- and 15-second television spots that will air nationally on network and cable television. Radio and social media will drive a consumer call to action and create local market buzz. Print, out-of-home and online ads will run on media properties focused on lifestyle, wellness, entertainment and epicurean topics. The launch also includes digital and social media campaigns, coupons, in-store and consumer sampling programs, and public relations.

"With this campaign, we want to invite our consumers on both a national and local level to discover great-tasting, zero- and reduced-calorie sweetness from nature," added Mark Brooks, "and have them truly understand that our natural sweetness is from the leaves of the stevia plant."

The Truvia brand is not only the leading natural zero calorie sweetener in the U.S., it is also an increasingly popular ingredient in a variety of foods and beverages, including yogurt, cereal bars and juices, and in brands such as Glaceau's VitaminWater Zero, Smucker's Sugar Free Fruit Spreads, Kraft's Crystal Light Pure. As a global brand, Truvia consumer product is available in eight countries, including the UK and Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela with plans to continue its global expansion in the future. Truvia ingredient can be found in more than 30 countries across four continents.


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