Where sugar harms, Stevia One sweetens

Where sugar harms, Stevia One sweetens

Amid more studies showing the health detriments of sugar, A&B Ingredients introduces Stevia One natural, high-purity stevia products.

According to A&B Ingredients, the recently released study in JAMA Internal Medicine confirming that it does not take much extra sugar contained in many processed foods to raise the risk of potential fatal heart problems should not come as a surprise. “Much has been studied and written about the potential dangers of too much sugar intake,” said Gi Bakal, managing director of A&B Ingredients. “And the one point that has stood out is many consumers simply consume more than the safest amount.”
Bakal commended the study and agreed with lead author Quanhe Yang of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who called the results “sobering.” 
A&B Ingredients recently introduced a natural, high-purity and quality stevia products marketed under the Stevia One brand name to its line of natural products for the food and beverage industry. It was studies like this one in JAMA Internal Medicine that prompted the company to move quickly.
Bakal pointed out that consumers today are not only looking for healthier natural foods and beverages, but also products that are produced in harmony with nature and local populations. 
“We took a hard look at which stevia producers we wanted to represent in the U.S. After careful study, the choice was clear for any number of reasons,” Bakal stated. “We chose Stevia One, Peru. What sold this company was Stevia One’s dedication to the production and processing of stevia leaves in Peru in accordance with the highest technological standards and their predominantly strong focus on sustainability. Unlike other stevia products on the market, Stevia One is grown in the San Martin region of Peru, which lies in the subtropics of South America. It is also serves as the home to the plant’s natural environment, which offers ideal growing conditions in terms of precipitation, sunlight, temperature and soil. Stevia One’s environment is strengthened by the use of effective environmental and agricultural technology. The result is a natural Reb A 97% stevia with impeccable uniformity in quality and taste.”

Bakal further noted that all leaves used in process are grown naturally and sustainably on the one of the world’s largest scale stevia plantations. Stevia One has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance as meeting the Standards of the Sustainable Agriculture Network for the production of stevia. Stevia One uses a natural extraction process to isolate the stevia, which does not use any chemicals or solvents. 

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