3 digital tools to maximize your time at Expo West

Caren Baginski and Andrew Coate, marketing project manager for Natural Products Expo West, discuss Twitter, CardMunch and Evernote, three great digital tools to help you stay connected and organized at Expo West 2013.

Produced by: Jared Jacang-Maher

Here are Andrew's tips for using these digital tools.


1. Twitter

Twitter is a conversational platform. By posting a tweet you are talking to a wide audience because all your posts are public. Refine your message and intended audience in two ways:

When to use replies
By using the “@” symbol followed by a person's twitter “handle” you can direct a comment to a specific person/account. Use this when you are talking directly to someone.

"@NatProdExpo I’m loving the mobile app!"

You can also use the Reply feature to talk about someone.

“Just had a blast getting geeky about technology with @CoateChicago”

When to use hashtags
On Twitter, the # symbol is called a hashtag. A hashtag allows Twitter users to track the live pulse of a specific topic. If you click on or search for a hashtag you will be able to see everyone else who is using it and be part of the wider conversation in real time.

“What are you most looking forward to about #expowest?”

“Find us at booth 1148 at #expowest next week!”

“@cbaginski will talk about Social Media Success Thursday, March 8 at #expowest.”

We use #expowest as the official tag for Natural Products Expo West. Use this in every relevant tweet you post before, during and after the show for greater exposure.

2. CardMunch

At an event as large and as focused on networking as Expo West, it becomes easy to get lost in a sea of business cards that you’ve collected. Worse, it’s easy to forget why you collected the cards at all. Who was important? When/where did we meet?

The iPhone app CardMunch comes to the rescue. CardMunch quickly transcribes and organizes business cards for you on the go, turning the cards into contacts and helping you instantly connect with that person via LinkedIn or email with a built in Follow Up Feature.

CardMunch Overview

CardMunch How-to Videos

3. Evernote

Andrew's a full out nerd for Evernote. An Evernerd, if you will. Evernote has endless uses as an organizational tool. You can take (text or audio) notes in education sessions, snap a photo of something you’d like to remember, clip articles from the Web for further reading later, and so much more. Evernote allows you to organize all this information into various digital notebooks, tag them for easy search, and share them with colleagues instantly. Everything is stored in the cloud, so you can always access your notes from your phone and computer.

Michael Hyatt, chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, has written some fantastic articles on Evernote that will help get you started.

Of course, Evernote has a very handy getting started tutorial as well.

Beyond the basic Evernote app, Expo West attendees may want to check out:

  • Evernote Food
    Snap photos of samples, people you’re with and booths, then add captions and thoughts as you walk the show floor.
  • Evernote Hello
    Whenever you meet someone new, hand them your phone and they can quickly make a profile. Instantly create a history of every encounter that you’ve had with individuals. Hello brings in related information from your calendar, Evernote account and more.
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