Are perennial crops the solution to sustainable farming?

Are perennial crops the answer to our food future? At a recent webinar hosted by the Food Tank and The Land Institute, Jerry Glover discusses how annuals negatively impact agriculture, and how we can make sustainable changes.

We are at a critical juncture where we practice agriculture more sustainably. Currently, farmers rely on practices where crops need to be planted annually which places a heavy burden on our soil, water and biodiversity. But planting "annuals" erodes the soil, accelerates climate change and pollutes waterways with chemical runoffs. Perennial crops may be the solution to our food future. "Perennials" are planted once and live for years, reducing the reliance on mega-seed companies. 

A recent webinar led by Jerry Glover, food tank advisory group member and systems advisor to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and hosted by the Land Institute explores how planting perennial crops is a vital piece to the global food puzzle.

Here, see the buzz generated from the webinar, and input from top perennial proponents.

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