Acatris Flax Lignan Product Proven Bioavailable

LinumLife scientifically-supported its bioavailability for consumers

Minneapolis, September 19, 2006 – A recent human clinical pilot study conducted by the Kanda Ishin Clinic in Tokyo, Japan has shown that flax lignans from Acatris’ LinumLife product are bioavailable. This research demonstrates that supplements and products containing the LinumLife® EXTRA ingredient are absorbed into the blood stream, therefore delivering the intended health benefits to consumers.

Flaxseed, specifically its lignans, are reported to have beneficial effects on acne, reduce hair loss in men and women, encourage breast health, relieve postmenopausal symptoms, promote cardiovascular health and support prostate health in men.

“SDG, the main flax lignan has been part of the human diet for centuries. Its bioavailability and health benefits are well documented,” said Jocelyn Mathern, RD and technical specialist for Acatris, Inc. “This study demonstrates that LinumLife is absorbed by the body and significantly increases serum levels of enterolactone and enterodiol, mammalian lignans which are linked with many health benefits.”

Based on research, consumers need a minimum of 50 mg a day of SDG to reap the health benefits attributed to flax lignan ingredients. Acatris, the flax lignan leader, set the gold standard for minimum amount needed for therapeutic benefit and research on the health benefits of flax lignans.

Lignans are a group of phytochemicals found in many plants. Each type of lignan has a different structure and different health properties.

“The number of products containing flax lignans has grown tremendously in the last few years, including products focusing on women’s health, prostate health and breast health,” said Mathern. “These products help bring this phyto-nutrient (lignans) - which is often missing in people’s diets due to modern food refinement - to consumers looking for targeted health benefits.”

Acatris is working diligently to keep up with consumer interest in flax lignans. As more research is completed on flax lignans, the facts on this “super seed” and its many health benefits will continue to feed a healthy marketplace appetite. Credible consumer resources like the Flax Lignan Information Bureau,, closely follow the advancement in research and report on breaking flax lignan news.

Acatris Inc.’s LinumLife® EXTRA is produced through a patented production process. A dosage of 250 mg of LinumLife® EXTRA provides 50 mg lignans. This ingredient offers the convenience for one-per-day lignan capsules or tablets. For more information on LinumLife® EXTRA or flax lignans, visit


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