AHD International's LuraLean® Fiber Ingredient Exhibits Strong Prebiotic Properties in Clinical Studies

Extensive clinical research has confirmed the prebiotic properties of LuraLean(R), a condensed dietary fiber ingredient from AHD International. Animal studies indicate that LuraLean stimulates growth of the gastrointestinal microflora bifidobacteria. Bifidobacteria has several beneficial effects, especially in terms of improving digestion and bolstering the effectiveness and intrinsic strength of the immune system.

Similar to prebiotics such as FOS and inulin, the body cannot assimilate the carbohydrates LuraLean contains because the enzymes in the small intestine are unable to transform them into glucose and mannose. The extremely high fiber content of LuraLean - every 100 grams of LuraLean contains 97 grams of pure fiber - helps foster an environment in the digestive tract that is conducive to the growth of beneficial bacteria.

"LuraLean can be used alone, or in combination with probiotics to create supplements, functional foods or beverages designed to help improve overall digestive health," noted AHD International president John Alkire.

Once expanded in the system, LuraLean promotes a feeling of satiety while traveling through the gastrointestinal tract, causing individuals to eat less. Additionally, LuraLean acts as a lipid magnet, attracting and binding excess oils and calories and carrying them out of the system through normal digestion.

More than 14 safety studies and 60 clinical trials have been conducted using LuraLean, confirming it has no adverse side effects at the recommended amount and is effective in promoting weight loss, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range and supporting regularity. AHD offers several grades of LuraLean for use in dietary supplements, a broad range of functional foods and low and high-viscosity beverages.

For more information on LuraLean, visit AHD Internationals booth #2116 (Hall B) at the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo held June 6-9 at Southern California's Anaheim Convention Center. LuraLean is also an official IFT Trend Tour ingredient in the Weight Management category

About AHD International:
AHD International is a major supplier of the highest quality new-to- market nutraceutical ingredients and functional food products to manufacturers, wholesalers and food companies worldwide. AHD's triple- check system ensures that products are evaluated for natural purity, consistency and exceptional quality. For more information on AHD's wholesale nutraceutical and functional food ingredients call
404-233-4022 or visit www.ahdintl.com.

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