Allera Health Launches ImmunExtra ®: Science-Backed Immune Supplement

St. Petersburg, FL (June 3, 2008) -- A new company has entered the dietary supplements industry with Allera Health Products’ launch of its proprietary, science-backed immune support product, ImmunExtra ®, into the US health food channel. The number of Ph .D’s and MD’s on staff and as advisors is notable, which is reflected in the quality and substantiation of its’ flagship product. Additionally, the company’s web site features a link to MD’s who are available to answer health questions, a first in the industry.

ImmunExtra comes to market after more than 15 years of rigorous research on the patented pinecone extract Proligna ®, the basis for ImmunExtra. Extensive research indicates that this unique extract promotes immune cell development. Also called PPC (Polyphenylpropenoid-Polysaccharide Complex), it is composed of two of the most important natural compounds on earth, lignin and polysaccharide, and is a potent antioxidant. ImmunExtra is the first and only product based on this breakthrough compound.

Proligna should not be confused with pine-based extracts available in other products. There are over 30 peer-reviewed scientific studies describing important research on Proligna. For more information on these studies visit to download the scientific summary.

Additionally, clinical trials are currently underway at medical centers in Missouri, California and Texas.

ImmunExtra begins with fresh, renewable pinecones harvested from the forests of Wisconsin, which are put through a patented method that extracts active molecules. The liquid extract is tested extensively for purity and to ensure that it does not contain environmental contaminants. After being dried to a powder it is packed into vegetarian capsules.

Allera Health Products holds the exclusive license for Proligna, which was developed by scientists at the Tampa Bay Research Institute in St. Petersburg Florida. Among the many MD’s and PhD’s involved in Allera, company CEO Frank Tufaro, Ph.D. is leading a team of more than a dozen of the foremost experts in science, manufacturing, and marketing in bring ImmunExtra to market. In addition to the scientific support, stunning floor displays and retailer education materials and programs developed by companies with decades of experience in the health food channel and consumer products are part of the Allera team.

ImmunExtra ® is produced in the United States by Allera Health Products, in facilities certified by the NSF. These facilities employ Good Manufacturing Procedures to ensure product quality and consistency.

About Allera Health Products, Inc. And Its’ Medical Experts
Allera Health Products develops dietary supplements that enhance the immune system and drugs that help fight illness and disease. Founded in 2005, the biotechnology company is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Allera founder and CEO Frank Tufaro, Ph.D. is an extensively published former professor of microbiology and virology at the University of British Columbia. He has overseen scientists, representatives from manufacturing and process development, pre-clinical, QA/QC, regulatory, clinical, and business development to bring a number of successful products to market.

Other experts involved in Allera include:
Joanna Peterkin, M.D., M.S. is a noted clinical researcher who designs and conducts clinical trials for biotechnology companies. . Specializing in novel products for cancer, Dr. Peterkin is part of Allera’s product development team and heads up the company’s one of a kind “ask a doctor” feature on its web site, where consumers will be able to call or write in to ask questions about any health condition and get answers from MDs

Erin MItchell, Ph.D., is the former Associate Director of Manufacturing for Neurovir Inc. and MediGene,Inc. where she directed the manufacturing of a product for the treatment of brain tumors. Dr. Mitchell received her Ph.D from the Division of Immunology, University of Cambridge, UK, and a Masters of Science from the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada.

Ofelia Barretto, M.S has more than 40 years experience in managing quality programs for pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmetics and foods. Ofelia has published a number of related publications and received numerous awards for her work, including the Hammer award from Vice President Gore’s office in 1997 and the US FDA’s Commissioner’s Special Citation in 1998.

Akiko Tanaka, Ph.D. is president and co-founder of Tampa Bay Research Institute which developed Proligna. Dr. Tanaka co- founded TBRI in 1981 with the late Dr. Neihan Nonoyama to scientifically examine the opportunities for optimizing the body’s natural immune system using a combination of conventional Western medicine and the natural remedies associated with Eastern medicine. TBRI pioneered the discovery of the relationship between viral infections and cancer. The Institute holds a number of patents for its discoveries. In addition, the TBRI was awarded the first HIV/AIDS study grant in Florida. Dr. Tanaka and her staff continue to study Proligna.

Allera is a member of the Natural Products Association.

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