Allimax Nutraceuticals Updates Lyme Disease Study Data

Mr. James Walton Allimax Nutraceuticals US president, has announced the completion and results of the company's three month follow up study showing newly completed blood work on its LYME clinical study participants, completed December 2006.

"A complete screening of all study participants doing the industry standard WESTERN BLOT TEST, performed by IGeneX Laboratories, indicated that our study group, when tested for IgM and IgG, was negative. These are typical markers found in people who suffer from Lyme disease. The initial study had over a 90% eradication of symptoms and co- infections and now 3 months later, the results are quite promising.

Follow up with the group will be done later this year. We are looking to have our work published by year’s end 2007."

James R. Walton
Allimax Nutraceuticals US
[email protected]

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