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Amazon superfruits set to boom

Botanicals, superfruits and other foods and beverages derived from Amazonian sources are set to take off in Western markets, according to trends highlighted in market researcher Mintel's Global New Product's Database (GNPD). Strong interest in natural products and exotic ingredients is driving demand.

"Botanicals from the region are linked to wellness and natural functionality, with exotic fruits such as açaí and cupuaçu continuing their rise to fame due to their anti-aging benefits and link to the 'superfoods' concept," Mintel's report said.

The company noted that Amazonian ingredients had potential beyond the food industry, with cosmetics in particular showing great potential. "Resources from the Amazon will really start to take off in both food and non-food, but Mintel expects the beauty industry to truly embrace this trend. In France, we have already seen a wide range of Natura cosmetics and beauty products featuring active ingredients derived from Amazonian natural resources."

Mintel also predicted continued growth in the ethical foods and ingredients market and expansion in the use of refillable packaging, while high-tech packaging, such as that which can indicate the freshness of fruit, will become more prevalent.

"We're talking about trends, not fads here, so we predict that all of these developments will be around for some time to come. Of course, certain innovations will have a much greater impact on some regions than others. For example, Amazonia has the greatest impact right now in North America, but will spread to Europe, while sustainability has been stronger in Europe, but is beginning to grow in the USA," said GNPD Custom Solutions director David Jago.

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