ASTAVITA with AstaREAL Astaxanthin powers Chris Lieto to win Ironman Japan

Mount Laurel, May 31, 2006 – Astavita, the title sponsor for four time Ironman champion, Chris Lieto, proudly announces Lieto's most recent victory. On May 28, 2006, Chris Lieto took first place at Ironman Japan, Goto-Fukue in Nagasaki. In addition to winning Lieto set a new course record for the bike. This is the third new course record for the bike he has set within the past twelve months, including Ironman Canada, Ironman Malaysia and Ironman Japan.

Following the grueling race and in answer to a question about how he manages such a complex race with multiple events, Lieto explained, "Strategy is an important part of an Ironman competition. For instance, I needed to strategize how my lead on the bike could help me to maintain the overall lead against a stronger runner. Finding the optimum running pace for me was very important. If the pace was too fast, I would tire but if it was too slow I would loose my lead. Based on my lead after the bike I calculated the pace I needed to set for the run... then stuck to it."

Lieto has been taking the supplement Astavita Astaxanthin as part of his training regimen and when asked today if he has noticed any difference with his training since starting Astavita he said, "the most significant difference is how I feel after a race or hard training. It has only been three days since Ironman Japan and I feel great. I have no stiffness or muscle pain. Usually, after an Ironman I would be in pain and barely able to walk at this point. But instead I feel like I could run another race."

Astavita contains AstaREAL astaxanthin which has been shown in studies to improve endurance and reduce muscle damage after strenuous exercise. Fuji Chemical Industry is the producer of AstaREAL and the holder of the US and international patent for astaxanthin for muscle endurance and recovery.

For more information contact Astavita at 1-800-507-4011 or [email protected]

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