Cactus Botanics Discusses Test Results of Xanthones Extracted From Mangosteen Peel

Cactus Botanics Xanthones are manufactured from the Mangosteen's peel/hull where they are found in concentrated amounts.

Cactus Botanics Limited uses its high extraction technology to get Xanthones with content from 10% to 50%. The typically produced specification is Xanthones 30% with Alpha-Mangostin content at 25%. The content is assayed by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) in a Third Party Laboratory.

In order to help customers apply this new antioxidant to their products, Cactus Botanics Limited does some application testing of this raw material. According to these tests, Xanthones are without good water solubility, however can be soluble in Ethanol as a clear liquid.

Cactus Botanics Limited is suggesting that food supplements manufacuturers incorporate Xanthones in capsules or tablets form.

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