Carlson Laboratories Applauds the New Findings Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTI), commonly referred to as the “Common Cold,” are experienced by most Americans several times a year, while deterrence has been largely associated with Vitamin C. Recently, researchers have found there is a new association advocating Vitamin D and URTI’s. The Archives of Internal Medicine published a study today showing that people with low levels of Vitamin D experience a higher number of URTI’s. Individuals suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis, had an even a stronger association between low Vitamin D levels and developing the common cold.

Professor Reinhold Vieth, Director of Bone and Mineral Laboratory, Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto, an internationally recognized expert on Vitamin D, commented, "It really is timely, when the common cold is at its peak, to see more evidence that higher blood levels of Vitamin D seem to protect against respiratory infections. This was a large U.S. survey, and while it doesn’t prove cause, it is an important part of the consistent pattern of evidence relating Vitamin D to fewer colds. That should make everybody at least start to think about Vitamin D."

As public awareness about this popular vitamin continues to grow, Carlson Laboratories is proud to offer Ddrops - a pure, natural liquid vitamin D3. One drop can be added to your meal to obtain the desired dose. Ddrops is a simple and effective way to obtain the healthy benefits of Vitamin D in just one drop.

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