Clinical Study Proves vitaminwater Works

Whitestone, N.Y., September, 2006 – A recent clinical study found that vitaminwater® power-c more effectively delivers useable vitamins to the body than traditional foods at a fifth of the calories. The findings of this study will be presented at the upcoming American College of Nutrition conference in Reno, NV on October 8.

“We make vitaminwater to be functional and enhance people’s everyday lives,” says dr. carol dollard, coo glacéau, maker of vitaminwater, fruitwater® and smartwater®. “this study shows that vitaminwater is a superior source of vitamins, and is also a delicious way to get your nutrients while staying hydrated.”

A leading independent research organization, Miami Research Associates, aimed to determine if vitamins C, B-6 and B12 as found in vitaminwater power-c differed in their absorption than when compared to an equivalent amount of vitamins in food in a carefully controlled meal. Twelve adults were asked to participate in an overnight fast and were then given a meal of ground beef, potatoes and an orange while others were given a 20oz bottle of vitaminwater’s power-c.

Over the subsequent next few hours, the participants’ blood was tested for vitamin content. The study found a few interesting results - first, that power-c is more than a name, in fact, this drink delivers more useable vitamin c to the body and at a faster rate than the meal, and second, it was found that over 500 calories were required for the mixed meal of steak, potatos and an orange in order to deliver the equivalent amount of vitamins that was contained in one 20oz bottle of vitaminwater at 125 calories.

“A controlled study like this validates what we have known all along – that vitaminwater works,” said J. Darius Bikoff, founder and ceo of Glacéau. “While it’s nice to see a bunch of lonely guys in lab coats reaffirming this effect, the greatest proof that our products work comes from the hundreds of e-mails and calls we get every day from people who share their stories.”

about Glacéau
Glacéau® was started by a guy who simply wanted better water and couldn't find it, so he made it himself. Formed in 1996, we are the creator of the enhanced water category and maker of vitaminwater®, fruitwater® and smartwater®. In this tradition of “keeping it real,” we use only natural flavors and colors in our products. Since inception, Glacéau has experienced more than 200% compounded annual growth, and now more than five million bottles are sold every day to thirsty people like you. For more information visit


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