GELITA's New Face Lift
The worldwide GELITA Group has had a facelift. In June, all operating units of the group were renamed 'GELITA' to reposition the company's global network with each country's name, emphasising its regional presence.

Over the past 15 years, the GELITA Group, the gelatine division of DGF STOESS AG, Germany, has become a world leader in gelatine. Today, the group has subsidiaries on most continents, a total capacity of about 75,000 annual tons and a 27 per cent market share.

Barking Up The GRAS Tree
Natural Health Science (NHS) has announced antioxidant Pycnogenol is now GRAS and affirmed for applications in various foods and beverages. Pycnogenol-brand French maritime pine bark extract is supplied by NHS and is available in hundreds of dietary supplements, multivitamins and health products worldwide. With growing consumer demand for this antioxidant, NHS anticipates the launch of the Pycnogenol brand into the functional foods market, according to Victor Ferrari, chief operating officer, Horphag Research, the developer of Pycnogenol.

Approved applications for Pycnogenol in functional foods and beverages include baked goods, breakfast cereals, breakfast bars, processed fruits and vegetables, jams and jellies, soft candy, chewing gum, margarine, sauces, fats and oils, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Grape Seed Patent
The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent No. 6,544,581 to Canandaigua Wine Company on behalf of Polyphenolics' manufacturing extraction process. The process gives the company's MegaNatural Gold Grape Seed Extract a low average molecular weight, which increases its heart-healthy benefits. This low molecular weight makes MegaNatural easier for the body to absorb and improves its bioactivity and ability to prevent LDL oxidation, the company says. It also makes it extremely water soluble, a desirable quality for the beverage industry. The patented process isolates and concentrates the bioactive phenolic and flavonoid substances in the ruby-red and white varietal grape seeds used in the process.

Collagen For Pain Relief
A novel dietary supplement derived from sternum collagen improves the pain, stiffness and quality of life in persons with osteoarthritis (OA), according to researchers in Miami. They conducted a placebo-controlled pilot study on 16 men and women with OA who received the supplement for an eight-week period. The supplement tested is a patented extract of naturally occurring type II collagen, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid named BioCell Collagen II. Researchers said the data reveal that daily consumption of BioCell Collagen II led to clinically meaningful improvements that were significantly superior to the group receiving placebo supplements.

Nelson New SANA Leader
Sunrich Food Group's director of sales and marketing in the consumer products division, has been appointed president of Soyfoods Association of North America. In this role, Nelson will lead the group's efforts in consumer education of dietary soy's health benefits. She recently joined Sunrich to coordinate new product development.

MSM Achieves GRAS Status
Lignisul MSM, a natural sulfur compound used as a nutritional supplement for a variety of ailments, including muscle and joint pain, is the first MSM product to receive GRAS status under the FDA requirements for GRAS self affirmation, according to its supplier, Carolwood.

A GRAS report was initially commissioned by Carolwood to support the safe use of Lignisul MSM in foods. The report was reviewed by a panel of food safety experts who concurred with Carolwood's determination that Lignisul MSM meets the requirements for GRAS status.

A New ID
ID-FOOD, French producer of edible fibres, has named Philippe Courbe managing director. He previously held management positions at Sodiaal (the first French dairy coop), Cofranlait, and SIO (ADM group). He has expertise in market sectors, such as vegetable oils and fats, soy proteins, and dairy ingredients, within EU and third-world countries.

Sticking To Expansion
US company CP Kelco is boosting production capabilities to reinforce its position in the biogums marketplace. Major components of the plan include continued expansion of the company's Oklahoma facility, expanded xanthan gum production at its Knowsley, UK facility and the termination of a xanthan gum contract manufacturing agreement that was originally set to end in 2009.

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