Consultants Say Wellness Spending Increasing

Since 2005, spending on wellness products shows an upward trend with a higher proportion spent on wellness for fresh categories. The average household spends $148.48 per month (or 19% of all monthly spending) on categories that have a wellness halo.

This is one of the key findings in a new report by The Hartman Group, a consumer culture consultancy and research firm. According to their report, Reimagining Health + Wellness 2010, wellness, as we know it, is currently undergoing a great transformation. Over half of all consumers (54%) say they have recently changed their views on health and wellness. Younger consumers, for example, cite stress (51%) and energy levels (47%) as triggers for changing their views on health and wellness.

“Increased spending on products beneath a wellness umbrella, particularly in fresh food categories, reflects what we have been witnessing for more than a decade now,” says Laurie Demeritt, Hartman Group president and COO. “Consumer understanding of Wellness has moved away from traditional notions of condition treatment and disease prevention and toward attaining a better quality of life. They are looking for products and services that help them meet their wellness goals and aspirations. With virtually all consumers involved in wellness on some level, this represents tremendous opportunities for CPG manufacturers and retailers.”

This most recent report aligns with previous Hartman Group Wellness Lifestyle Insights reports that point to health and wellness no longer being a niche market dominated by a small group of consumers. Consumers across the full spectrum of involvement in wellness can now, at least aspirationally, articulate quality of life as the meaning of wellness. The report finds consumers are practical and seeking more flexible, simple ways of incorporating wellness into everyday life and view indulgence and pleasure as essential to wellbeing.

Reimagining Health + Wellness 2010 is the most comprehensive exploration of consumer and shopper health and wellness perceptions, behaviors and trends available in the marketplace today. It is an indispensable roadmap for reimagining health and wellness brands, products, services, marketing and retail experiences.

About the Report

Findings, insights and trends in Reimagining Health + Wellness 2010 are based on new integrated qualitative ethnography and quantitative research and analysis of more than 20 years consumer information and tracking. Qualitative ethnographies were fielded in four major U.S. markets. More than 2,700 U.S. adult consumers participated in the online survey. For more information about the report’s availability and pricing, please contact Blaine Becker at [email protected] or David Wright at [email protected].

About The Hartman Group

The Hartman Group, the predominant consumer consultancy, located in Bellevue, Washington, blends leading-edge customized primary qualitative, quantitative and trends research with a unique brand of analysis to understand the subtle complexities into how consumers live, shop and use brands, products and services. For more than 20 years, Hartman Group has been listening loudly to the underlying motivations and behaviors to deliver the most comprehensive insights that inform and inspire innovation, strategy and, most of all, move the needle for clients. For more:

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