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Do you have newly conducted research on your ingredient (published or unpublished) that you would like included in Cutting-edge Research? Write a short summary of the study and attach a PDF of the complete study or abstract, and send to [email protected].
Eye Q fish oil betters behaviour
Children given Eye Q fish-oil supplements for six months experienced significantly reduced temper tantrums and violent mood swings at the Eaton Hall Special School in the UK, a school for boys with severe behavioural, social and emotional difficulties. The number of actual negative incidents was reduced by half, compared to the six months before the study.
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Almonds control blood sugar
Eating almonds can have a significant impact in blunting the glycaemic and insulin responses of the body when fed a carbohydrate meal, leading glycaemic researchers at the University of Toronto found. By lowering the glycaemic response, as well as by providing antioxidants, almonds may also decrease the risk of heart disease.
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Kemin's lutein hydrates skin
Lutein, known for its effectiveness in promoting eye health, also provides specific skin-health benefits including better hydration, elasticity and superficial lipid quantity in the skin, while decreasing oxidation of those beneficial skin lipids.
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