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Honey heals
Comvita's Medihoney branded Manuka (Leptospermum) honey dressings can significantly improve the healing rates of stalled venous leg ulcers, according to a large, randomised, controlled clinical trial. Prior to this study, no other advanced wound-care dressing, under compression therapy, had been shown to improve healing rates of leg ulcers. The 108-patient trial looked at venous leg ulcers that had been proven to be nonhealing under standard treatment (compression therapy).
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Chocolate is the tastiest anti-inflammatory
According to an article on the Journal of Nutrition website, findings suggest that regular consumption of small doses of dark chocolate is associated with low serum concentrations of C-reactive protein in a healthy Italian population.
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Valerian Complex promotes healthy sleep
A new study by the Bioforce AG research team, headquartered in Switzerland, demonstrates the company's Valerian Complex resulted in patients experiencing more time in deeper sleep than with placebo, and more minutes spent in deep-sleep phases. The study's authors concluded that a single daily dose of Valerian Complex leads to significantly better and deeper sleep in patients with sleeping problems.
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Prolacta: mother's milk
A Prolacta Bioscience assessment concluded that the oligosaccharide content of Prolacta human milk fortifier product samples, H(2)MF, did not differ substantially with respect to size and composition as compared to typical mother's breast milk.
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