Cyvex Nutrition Introduces Flavonoid Family: Launches Five New Ingredients

In a move to solidify its industry leadership in providing high-quality antioxidant ingredients, Cyvex Nutrition has launched its first flavonoid line of nutraceuticals that include: Nobiletin, Tangeritin, Diosmin, Apigenin and Luteolin.

Flavonoids are a specific class of antioxidants, found only in the plant kingdom. These polyphenolic antioxidants serve to provide the recognizable vibrant colors to flowers, fruits and berries and also protecting them from microbial and insect attacks. The potential health benefits of flavonoids showing anti-proliferative activity, supporting vein elasticity, immunity and cognition, have recently become of particular interest to consumers and food manufacturers.

Recent research indicated that flavones might provide health benefits by the following mechanisms:
• Direct radical scavenging
• Nitric oxide decrease
• Xanthin oxidase inhibition
• Leukocyte immobilization
• Interaction with enzyme systems

“The antioxidant market is ripe for continuation of product launches in supplements, foods, beverages and personal care products,” observes Matt Phillips, President of Cyvex Nutrition. “As a known leader in the raw material supply of antioxidant ingredients, launching specific flavonoids is a logical step into further delivering what our customers and their customers – the health-oriented consumer – are demanding. These flavonoids can be used as dietary supplements, and as applications in food and beverages.”

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