EcoNugenics Announces New Meta-Analysis on Peripheral Arterial Disease

Meta-Analysis of Padma Basic® Tibetan Herbal Formula Shows Its Effectiveness for Improving PAD

Santa Rosa, CA – May 18, 2006 – A meta-analysis of 19 published clinical trials on Padma Basic®, a Tibetan herbal formula, has concluded that the preparation is safe and effective in providing significant relief for a common vascular condition - peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The meta-analysis was conducted on 2084 patients with PAD and is published in the current issue of Atherosclerosis, the International Journal for Research and Investigation and Related Diseases, the official journal of the European Atherosclerosis Society.

The scientist reviewers at the Department of Internal Medicine, Complementary Medicine, at the University Hospital in Zurich, concluded: “A total of 19 trials have reported on 2084 patients to date, 444 of which were in six controlled clinical studies on PAD. The safety profile appears to be favorable. Available evidence shows that Padma Basic® (European trade name Padma 28) provides significant relief from [PAD-related] symptoms (i.e. walking distance) of a similar order of magnitude as other employed medications.”

“This is excellent news for PAD patients and their physicians,” said Mark Blumenthal, Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit American Botanical Council. “This meta-analysis provides significant evidence of the safety and benefits of Padma Basic® for PAD patients. Further, it provides added documentation that a multi-herb combination formula can meet the rigors of scientific testing to show beneficial activity for a serious medical condition.”

Medical experts agree that blocked blood vessels in the heart and the brain can cause heart disease and stroke; similar blockages from atherosclerotic plaque can also occur in the legs, causing pain (intermittent claudication), numbness and cramping in the thighs, calves, and buttocks. According to research published by The Sage Group, there is an overwhelming lack of awareness of PAD which afflicts 14-18 million Americans, compared to coronary artery disease and diabetes afflicting 12.6 and 17 million Americans. Furthermore less than 20% of patients are actually diagnosed.

PAD is most frequently manifested in its early stages by pain in the legs when walking which disappears at rest. As the disease progresses in severity, pain is experienced at rest, and in the later stages of PAD (critical limb ischemia) blood flow is so inadequate that ulcerations and gangrene occur.

Peripheral arterial disease, caused by systemic atherosclerosis, is vastly underappreciated despite its alarming mortality rates. Mortality at 5 and 10-year periods after diagnosis of 30% and 50% respectively due to PAD is greater than that caused by coronary artery disease and stroke and is exceeded only by colorectal cancer. A safe and effective treatment would dramatically improve the lives of the millions of PAD patients.

Current FDA approved drugs have shown some limited benefit to treating PAD, but often the side effects of these drugs make such treatment undesirable. In contrast, this recent meta-analysis of clinical trials with Padma Basic® (Melzer 2006) indicates that this Tibetan herbal formula supports healthy circulation without side effects and with the similar results to standard medications.

“Western medicine is built on the scientific principles of reliability and validity,” commented Yoon Hang Kim, M.D, MPH, Dean of Integrative Medicine, AIMC Berkeley. “The research performed on the topic of Padma Basic® elucidates not only the molecular mechanism, but also demonstrates the effectiveness in a clinical setting,” thus, meeting that quality, efficacy and performance required by Western Medicine,”

Padma Basic® is a highly researched herbal supplement consisting of 19 dried and milled herbs and spices, together with natural camphor and calcium sulfate. The carefully chosen combination of herbs are naturally rich in antioxidant substances supporting healthy circulation and general immune health as well as the body’s natural function’s to help maintain good health and balance. Padma Basic® is derived from a centuries old natural traditional Tibetan herbal formula. Clinical studies confirm the health supportive benefits of this formula. Padma Basic® is available online from or by calling 1-800-308-5518.

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Please note: Padma Basic® is not approved by the FDA for treatment of any disease and if you have a disease or health concern you should consult your health care professional before using Padma Basic® or any nutritional supplement.

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