Givauden moves quickly on Reb-A taste issues

Fast on the heels of the FDA's belated acknowledgement of the stevia-derived sweetener Reb-A as safe, the Swiss flavour giant Givaudan announced today that applied for patents related to its discovery of the bitter taste receptor triggered by Reb-A.

Reb-A is reported to present some problems for food and beverage developers, namely off notes and bitterness. Givaudan says it has discovered and developed flavour ingredients that specifically block this taste mechanism.

Mike Size, Givaudan's global head of beverages, says "The combination of our masking and enhancing TasteSolutions technology puts Givaudan in the industry leadership position to enable customers to solve these product development challenges."

Use of an expert tasting panel of people sensitive to Reb-A off-notes to screen a diverse chemical library, has led to a portfolio of more than 20 new, best in class, flavour ingredients effective against Reb-A bitterness, the company says.

The company says it has already realized a number of commercial successes with customers for natural masking ingredients, including Reb-A, achieving double-digit volume growth across its sweetener enhancement and bitterness-masking portfolio.

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