Global Nutrition Industry Expands 8% to $270 billion

Natural & organic food up 12% • Functional foods grow 6% • Russian supplement market leaps 35%
• H1N1 flu stimulates supplement sales • Natural & organic personal care surpasses $27 billion

BOULDER, COLO., (December 20, 2009) – New Hope Natural Media’s Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) announced the release of its Global Nutrition Industry Overview issue today. This 48 page issue details the specifics of the 8% global nutrition industry growth in 2008 to $270 billion. NBJ’s findings conclude a 7- month research process including a complete review of all relevant 3rd party global research, an –exhaustive survey of global nutrition industry manufacturers and suppliers and extensive interviews with top executives and consultants in the global nutrition industry.

“The global recession did its best to tear away at nutrition industry sales last year, but growth continued in the vast majority of markets—with China, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand, Eastern Europe/Russia and the Middle East each achieving double-digit expansion in 2008. According to Nutrition Business Journal estimates, total global sales are expected to rise another 6% to 10% in 2009. On the supplement front, the outbreak of the H1N1 flu pandemic, which surfaced in Mexico in April 2009 and touched nearly every country in the world by August, is helping to lift sales all over the globe as well,” said NBJ Editor Carlotta Mast.

“A number of factors are keeping global nutrition industry sales afloat and, in most cases, rising—despite a now infamous worldwide economic storm. These factors include an aging global population; the continued spread of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic health ailments linked to poor nutritional habits; a growing consumer embrace of self-care and natural therapies to prevent illness; and a burgeoning middle class stretching from Brazil to Ghana to India that has more money and more inclination to spend on health and wellness,” said NBJ Publisher and Editorial Director Patrick Rea.

The 2009 Global Nutrition Industry Overview issue includes:

  • Nutrition industry sales estimates from more than 20 countries and regions all over the world including the United States, China, Germany, France, U.K., Japan, Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, India, Poland, the rest of Asia and more.
  • Trends, market drivers and data related to consumer sales of dietary supplements and related industry segments, such as natural & organic foods, functional foods, and natural & organic personal care
  • A case study on how the rise in preventative healthcare has linked global disease prevention to dietary supplement sales
  • Euromonitor analysis on emerging markets from multiple continents, including Russia, South America and Africa
  • Capsugel’s keys to success in the burgeoning Brazilian supplement market
  • Organic thought leaders from around the world assessing the state of their local organic markets as well as the state of the global organic industry as a whole
  • Profiles on supplement companies from Asia, Europe and the Middle East including: Cerebos, Bionorica and Maabarot
  • Qualitative and quantitative survey findings from more than 200 global nutrition industry companies
  • Commentary from CEOs and global industry leaders, including interviews with companies such as: Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Natural Health Labs, Nutrition for Future, Inc., Bergstrom Nutrition, Capsugel, Jamieson Labs, and many more.

Nutrition Business Journal is an executive newsletter for decision-makers in the natural, nutrition and complementary and alternative health industries. NBJ's exclusive research and editorial focus on the strategic issues of the nutrition industry has made it a leading business intelligence resource for subscribers since 1996. To purchase detailed market research reports, subscribe to the NBJ, or sign up for the NBJ's free weekly e-newsletter, please visit NBJ also hosts the NBJ Summit, an invitation-only retreat for C-level executives in the nutrition industry each July. For more information, visit

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