HortResearch Takes Apple Juice Into The Future At IFT 2006

HortResearch, Booth 446, international pavilion, IFT, June 24 - 28 2006, Orlando, USA.

HortResearch, New Zealand's world leading research company, will be uniting science and food at this year's IFT exhibition in Orlando. Highlighting its wide reaching capabilities in fruit and food science, the company will be giving visitors a glimpse of the future with innovative, forward thinking product concepts. Amongst others will be the world's first red-fleshed apple juice beverage that is being developed to offer increased mental acuity and alertness.

The stunning new red-fleshed apple, packed with health-promoting antioxidants, was developed by HortResearch and carries the fruit's traditional rosy coloring right to the core. From the outside the apple looks like almost any other, but bite into or slice it and the fruit's rich red flesh is revealed - given its unique color by a high concentration of anthocyanin - an antioxidant known to offer human health benefits.

HortResearch Chief Scientist Dr Ian Ferguson comments: "This apple represents 'the next level of achievement' for our established breeding programme, which has already produced numerous successful new apples including the latest blockbuster variety Jazz(tm). Extensive studies, conducted by HortResearch's own Sensory and Consumer Science team, clearly showed that consumers were willing to pay significant price premiums for fruit with novel colors and tastes, or added health benefits."

"The red-fleshed apple juice beverage is just one of a number of concepts we will highlight at IFT. It is just one example of how we could collaborate with manufacturers to develop successful, targeted food and beverage products. Our company has invested significantly in its knowledge and science capability to drive competitive advantage in new lifestyle, wellness and therapeutic target markets for the food industry. We look forward to the partnership opportunities afforded by IFT."

HortResearch's programs in wellness foods and ingredients are a natural extension of the company's established global presence in the fresh fruit industry. Dr Gavin Ross, HortResearch's US business manager continues: "We are using our decades of experience in fruit and food science to leverage innovative and exciting research that explores new paths to human health, wellbeing and mental and physical performance. Our research programs cover a wide range of food and health areas including, bioactive analysis, natural flavors and fragrances, and consumer and sensory science."

Gavin Ross, and Karl Crawford, food business leader at HortResearch will be available on booth 446, international pavilion, to present a variety of product concepts and answer any customer queries.

For further information on HortResearch, please contact:

Gavin S. Ross PhD, vice president - business development, HortResearch (USA), 430 F Street, Suite F, Davis, California 95616, USA
Tel: 530 758 1612 Fax: 530 758 1612 Email: gross@hortresearch.com

Karl Crawford, business leader (food), HortResearch, 120 Mt Albert Road, Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand Tel: +11 64 9 815 4200, ext: 7341 Mobile phone: +11 64 27 226 6183 Fax: +11 64 9 815 4201
E-mail: kcrawford@hortresearch.com Or visit: www.hortresearch.com

Roger Bourne, senior communications advisor, HortResearch, 120 Mt Albert Road, Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand Tel: +11 64 9 815 4200, ext: 7057 Mobile phone: +11 64 27 207 1712 Fax: +11 64 9 815 4201
E-mail: rbourne@hortresearch.com Or visit: www.hortresearch.com

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