Keratec ProSina(TM) Research Published

Keratec researchers, in conjunction with colleagues from the Chemical and Environmental Research Institute of Barcelona (IIQAB) have recently published work on the ground-breaking Functional Keratin™ ingredient Keratec ProSina™. The research, published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, examines the benefits of this novel peptide, which is targeted at hand and skin care applications.

The research measured significant improvements in the skin's water-holding capacity, hydration and elasticity, all as a result of treatment with Keratec ProSina™. Furthermore, it was found that Keratec ProSina™ can prevent damage from surfactant exposure.

Keratec ProSina™ is isolated and extracted from wool using Keratec's world-leading proprietary manufacturing process.

For more information about the research paper visit,61,124,0,html/May-30-2007. If you would like more information about Keratec ProSina™, or to order samples please visit,79,html.

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