KGK Adds New Genotoxicity Assays to its Contract Research Services Division

KGK Synergize now offers two new genotoxicity assays conducted in-house, bringing important new research options to its clientele.
Genotoxicity assays are invaluable tools to determine the safety or toxicity of compounds.

Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test/ Bacterial gene mutation test (Ames test)-OECD 471; OPPTS 870.5265; Health Canada TBA-501a:
The Ames test is one of the most established and popular biological assays worldwide to assess the mutagenic potential of compounds. A positive test indicates that the compound might act as a carcinogen and vice versa for a negative test. As cancer is often linked to DNA damage, this test serves as a quick reference to estimate the carcinogenic or mutagenic potential of a compound.

In vitro Neutral Red Assay (NRU)-Health Canada TBA-502:
This test is one of the most used cytoxicity tests with many biomedical and environmental applications. It is based on the ability of viable cells to incorporate and bind the neutral red dye in the lysosomes. An injured cell culture exhibits a decreased ability to incorporate neutral red dye, thus providing valuable information regarding the degree of toxic effect of a compound.

For more information on these or other research services, please contact KGK Synergize at 519-438-9374, or visit our website at

About KGK Synergize Inc:

KGK provides contract research services to the health nutrition, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. These services include both pre-clinical and human clinical trials.

In addition to its contract research capabilities, KGK has a Product Development Division which brings new and innovative natural health products to the point where they are ready to be manufactured and marketed. These products include Sytrinol®, DiabetinolTM and DermytolTM.

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