NeoCell to unveil Clinical Research on Reversitall Plus(TM) at Expo West

Newport Beach, California – NeoCell Corporation will formally launch Reversitall Plus™ made from selected food grade ingredients including patent-pending Reversitall™ at this week's Natural Products Expo West. Reversitall™ is the newest nutraceuticals ingredient, supported by Phase I of on-going clinical studies, scientifically proven to reduce cell oxidation, deliver higher anti-oxidant activities and reduce SOD (super-oxide dismutase) activities by 35%. Reversitall Plus™ is a unique blend of alcohol-free red wine, Muscadine grapes, grape cluster stems and grapevine extracts. Utilizing proprietary technology that allows the nutrients to remain intact, these combined components create a highly anti-oxidative supplement with naturally occurring Trans-Resveratrol, Trans-e-Viniferin, OPC’s and polyphenols, making it possible to obtain all of the benefits of red wine in a daily dietary supplement.

Visit NeoCell at Booth #3004 during Expo West to learn more about the ground-breaking science behind Reversitall Plus™ and the company’s entire product line including ArthroPet™ for pets. For additional information please visit NeoCell at

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