New Studies Discuss the Effects of Key Ingredient in MonaVie Active

MonaVie (, maker of the premier blend of the Brazilian acai berry, announces the release of two new studies published in the September 24, 2008, edition of the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. The two studies are important for the science behind MonaVie because they illustrate aspects of biological actions for both the acai berry and the whole MonaVie Active juice in vitro. In addition, they discuss the antioxidant and joint health properties of MonaVie Active in humans (in vivo).

The new research lays an important foundation to further, comprehensive understanding of acai--the dominant ingredient in MonaVie Active.
"Unlike juices in the marketplace that simply tout their ORAC value, this research indicates that MonaVie Active has a range of benefits at the human cellular level, and that consumption of MonaVie Active results in a statistically significant improvement in serum antioxidant status and inhibition of serum lipid peroxidation. These studies represent the type of substantiation needed to provide more reliable information to consumers," says Alexander Schauss and his team of researchers.

The first paper is an in vitro study about antioxidant properties, based on a sequence of assays--ORAC, LPA, and ROS PMN--developed to measure such properties in complex natural foods using human cells. It is the first publication to show how these three industry-standard methods can be used in natural products research to bridge analytical and biological testing methods.

The second paper reports on a study demonstrating that MonaVie Active increased antioxidant capacity in serum as measured by CAP-e assays, and decreased lipid peroxidation of fats based on a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study of 12 healthy adults, ages 19 to 52. These findings suggest potential significant health benefits if conducted on greater numbers of test subjects and if demonstrated in longer term studies.

"We are thrilled to learn that these new independent studies have been accepted for publication in such a highly ranked scientific journal. These findings correlate with the many benefits of the acai fruit as harnessed in MonaVie's unique blends," says MonaVie Founder and President Dallin Larsen. "MonaVie continues to pledge its dedication to science-based marketing as an industry leader in the acai beverage arena."
MonaVie Active is a blend of 19 fruits, including the antioxidant-rich acai fruit as the primary ingredient along with the addition of plant-derived glucosamine for healthy joint support.

Acai contains potent levels of anthocyanins--a family of antioxidants that assists in neutralizing the damaging effects free radicals can have on the body, supported by healthy fats found uniquely in the acai fruit. These healthy fats in acai are rarely found in other antioxidant-rich fruits, berries, or vegetables.

MonaVie keeps the healthy fats in the acai fruit so that consumers can benefit from the many antioxidant compounds in the juice, and does not clarify or filter its product, as is commonly done in the production of other juices. On a gram-for-gram basis, MonaVie's freeze-dried acai has a higher ORAC score--a measure of antioxidant power--and a higher superoxide scavenging capacity than any other fruit or vegetable ever tested (J Agric Food Chem., 2006: 54(22):8604-10).

To learn more about these studies and ongoing research on the MonaVie acai blend, visit

About MonaVie LLC
MonaVie LLC is a rapidly growing company that distributes products to markets around the world. Introduced in January 2005, MonaVie develops and markets scientifically formulated, premium quality products, specifically for person-to-person distribution. Developed with a philosophy of Balance-Variety-Moderation, MonaVie brand products deliver phytonutrients and antioxidants to promote and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

For more information about MonaVie brand products or how to join the MonaVie family, call 1-866-217-8455, or visit

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