New Studies Focus On Wild Green Oat and Brain Health

Science Advancing Role of Neuravena® in Brain Health

North Bergen – New and ongoing research is advancing the role of wild green oat – specifically Neuravena – in brain health. Two new preclinical studies conducted in Switzerland and introduced by Frutarom during Natural Product Expo West, confirm that wild green oat extract influences brain activity and has stimulating activities.

These findings add to previous scientific evidence showing that Neuravena seems to stimulate the dopaminergic transmitter system, which is implicated in cognitive functioning and motivation and is related to depression. In the model used in the studies, the extract approached the results obtained from antidementive drugs.

In-vivo testing of Neuravena in behavioral rat models also showed improved general learning performance and enhanced social competence and intelligence at low dosage.

Using a bioactivity-guided approach, Frutarom has developed Neuravena. Prepared from a scientifically-selected variety of wild green oat (Avena sativa L.), this herbal extract has a dual activity profile on two cerebral enzymes closely connected to mental health and cognitive function.

“This is exciting research with high consumer interest for effective and safe ingredients to improve memory, sharpen focus and increase brainpower,” says Laurent Leduc, Vice President of Frutarom Inc. “The choice of raw materials as well as the extract optimization of Neuravena (EFLA 955) are based on the results of bioassays carried out at our state-of-the art production site under ISO and GMP compliance.”

Frutarom Inc.’s Neuravena EFLA 955 is produced through a patented production process guaranteeing the highest degree of purity, good solubility and stability. This ingredient offers the convenience for one-per-day capsules, tablets or beverages. For more information on these studies, visit Frutarom during Natural Product Expo West at booth # 727 or call 1-800-526-7147, [email protected].

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