Nordic Naturals Introduces Prenatal DHA(TM) -- An Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplement for Pregnant Women

Watsonville, CA (January 8, 2007) Nordic Naturals, a leading supplier of omega-3 fish oils and EFA blends in the natural products industry, introduces Prenatal DHA™, developed especially for pregnant women to ensure adequate DHA levels. DHA is an important fatty acid and a vital nutrient for the new mother and developing baby. Two easy-to-swallow 500 mg soft gels of the purified fish oil offer 450 mg DHA. This meets the recommended dosage for pregnant and lactating women agreed upon by respected international organizations and published by ISSFAL in the United Kingdom. The fatty acids are delivered in their natural and highly absorbable triglyceride form. Prenatal DHA™ is third-party tested and surpasses all international standards for purity and freshness.

Scientific research confirms the importance of essential fatty acids for prenatal, maternal and neonatal health. DHA comprises about 30% of the fatty tissue in the brain and is essential for proper development of the brain, eyes, nerves and immune system. Studies consistently report that pregnant women in the US and Canada consume far too little of this essential nutrient.

According to Gretchen Vannice, MS, RD, Research Coordinator for Nordic Naturals, “Scientists have made important connections between DHA levels and maternal health from pre-conception through breastfeeding. Research indicates that mothers who supplement with DHA-rich fish oils have healthier deliveries.” International nutrition organizations have concluded that pregnant and nursing women need a minimum of 300 mg DHA each day to ensure healthy development of the child within, as well as to support mom’s physical and mental health pre and post-delivery.

“As some large fish species may contain unhealthy levels of Mercury, purified fish oil is a reliable, convenient choice for daily DHA supplementation,” adds Vannice. “A developing baby both during pregnancy and when nursing depends upon its’ mother for DHA. In general, safeguarding DHA levels before and after conception ensures that the body has the building blocks required to support optimal development of the child.”

Nordic Naturals is the leader in omega-3 fish oils and EFA blends with exceptional taste, freshness, and purity levels. The company offers over 50 different fish oil products and EFA blends, including liquids, capsules, and children's chewables. For information, visit or call 800.662.2544.


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