Pomegranate Testing: Punicalagins A & B

Irvine, CA – ChromaDex, Inc., (www.chromadex.com) the world leader in phytochemical reference standards and contract testing announces the release of a pomegranate reference standard, a mix of punicalagins A & B.

The punicalagins A & B mix can also be purchased as part of a HPLC testing kit, which includes the reference standard, the HPLC column, and the HPLC testing method. Contract testing is also available.

“As pomegranate has jumped to the forefront of the nutraceutical industry as an antioxidant super food,” said ChromaDex Director if Technical Services and Marketing, Brian Schaneberg, PhD, “a well characterized standard is now available to accurately quantify in pomegranate and its products”. According to studies, punicalagins are largely responsible for the antioxidant activity and health benefits in pomegranate.

ChromaDex, Inc., a privately-held, Irvine, California based company, is a world leader in the development of Phytochemical and Botanical Reference Standards (www.chromadex.com). ChromaDex provides the dietary supplement, food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries with the analytical tools, products, and services to meet the regulatory, quality, efficacy and safety standards for their products.


Contact: Petra Erlandson
Tel: 949-419-0288
Email: [email protected]

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