Recycline's Preserve Jr Toothbrush Calls Kids to Action for Endangered Species and the Environment

Waltham, MA (May 30, 2006) - Who would have thought that a mundane task such as brushing teeth could offer hands-on, teachable moments not only about health and brushing, but also about conservation, recycling and wildlife? Kids and parents across the nation can learn together by “adopting” the Utah Prairie Dog, the Karner Blue Butterfly, and the Grizzly Bear toothbrushes at over 3,000 retailers across the nation including mass market chains. By purchasing one of the eco-friendly and socially responsible toothbrushes, children across the nation can get involved in conservation by helping to bring a new endangered species into the spotlight. One child even has the chance to give a free edition of the next Preserve Jr Endangered Species Toothbrush to every kid in his or her entire school, camp, or other organization.

Recycline’s Eco-Friendly Products Available Nationwide

Growing legions of people throughout mainstream America are seeking organic and eco-friendly products - and leading mass market retailers are taking action to serve them. Recycline’s Preserve Jr Endangered Species Toothbrushes are the latest “green” products to lead this emerging trend. “The Preserve brand makes it easy for people to be conscientious about their consumption because we offer high-quality, everyday household products that are environment-friendly,” says Eric Hudson, Recycline’s president and founder. “Our nationwide distribution is exciting because it enables us to reach a broad audience of mainstream consumers looking for products that conserve our Earth’s natural resources at a time when our country is experiencing an energy crunch,” adds Hudson.

Recycline’s innovative, ergonomic children’s toothbrushes have handles made from 100% recycled materials including recycled Stonyfield Farm® yogurt cups. Through an innovative recycling partnership, Recycline and Stonyfield Farm, the world’s leading producer of organic yogurt, have transformed more than 1,000,000 waste yogurt cups into Recycline products.

A Product that Teaches Kids about Recycling

Kids learn best by doing, and the story behind the Preserve Jr Toothbrush teaches them about its life cycle. When kids recycle yogurt cups in the recycle bin or mail them back to Stonyfield Farm they often wonder what happens to them next. They are interested to learn about how Recycline grinds the yogurt cups, purifies the plastic and makes them into Preserve Jr Toothbrushes. When the toothbrushes need to be replaced, kids can mail the worn out toothbrushes back to Recycline in Recycline’s postage-paid mailer. Recycline works with another company to give these used toothbrushes a new life as plastic lumber products that are used for children's playground equipment, park benches and decks.

Brushing that Helps Protect Endangered Species

Regular brushing is essential for good health and it is more fun when it supports a cause that children can connect with. Recycline’s Preserve Jr Endangered Species line features a unique philanthropic partnership with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) that helps protect endangered species. A portion of the sale from each Preserve Jr Endangered Species Toothbrush is donated to the NWF's conservation efforts. The colorful Preserve Jr Endangered Species Toothbrushes introduce kids to an interesting fact about each of three endangered species: the Utah Prairie Dog, the Karner Blue Butterfly, and the Grizzly Bear and the packaging encourages children to visit to learn more about the animals and why it is important to support their protection.

“Our organization is proud to be a part of this effort, which is consistent with our tradition of providing conservation education that can fuel the protection of wolves, butterflies, bears and other remarkable species with which we share our world,” says Larry Schweiger, President of the National Wildlife Federation. “Teaching kids to appreciate and care for wildlife is the first step in ensuring the good stewardship of our planet,” adds Schweiger. For more information about the National Wildlife Federation, please visit

The Contest for Kids to Name the Next Preserve Jr Endangered Species Toothbrush

Which endangered species will children vote to be the next Preserve Jr Toothbrush - the Burrowing Owl, Desert Tortoise, Florida Manatee or something else? Recycline and the NWF are sponsoring “Bring an Endangered Species into the Spotlight” - a fun contest to get more kids involved. Children are encouraged to nominate animals, and winning entries will be awarded prizes that include a $200 donation in their name from Recycline to the NWF or another environmental organization of their choice, a $100 gift certificate to the retailer where the toothbrush was purchased and free subscriptions to Ranger Rick and Your Big Backyard, the popular NWF publications. One child who votes for the winning animal will also get to give every kid in his or her school, camp, or other organization the first edition of a new Preserve Jr Endangered Species Toothbrush. For more information about the contest, please visit

Professional Oral Care Design

Fueled by a growing interest in recycling among kids and an increasing concern for better oral health, Recycline developed the Preserve Jr Toothbrush for children in 2000 after its successful 1997 launch of the Preserve® Toothbrush for adults. Good brushing starts with good design. The Preserve Jr's pea-pod shaped handle makes it easy for young and growing hands to grab onto and the soft bristles protect children’s teeth and gums. The Preserve Jr's ergonomic shape and unique curve helps kids to brush with the Bass technique, the motion most recommended by dentists to remove plaque to help prevent cavities and gum disease.

Recycline’s Line of Preserve Products

Recycline's Preserve brand also includes the Preserve® Toothbrush (for adults) and Preserve® Razor lines which include the #1 selling toothbrush and razor in the natural product marketplace, as well as the popular new PreserveTM Tableware collection of eco-friendly plates, cutlery and tumblers. Recycline products are sold in more than 3,000 natural food stores and supermarkets nationwide. To learn more visit

In 1996, Eric Hudson founded Recycline to provide high-quality recycled products to consumers in response to the growth in recycling and the evolution of environmental concern. The company’s mission is to help consumers conserve—to develop products with improved function that are responsible to the Earth. “Energy and resources must first be consumed to produce the new plastic which is used in so many consumer products on the market today,” says Hudson. “It is important to educate consumers about the choices they have to opt for products that are designed from the start to be environmentally responsible. These consumer choices encourage companies to develop products that emphasize resource conservation throughout a product’s entire life cycle,” adds Hudson.

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