Research Indicates Aloe vera helps promote kidney and urinary tract health

Khon Kaen, THAILAND – Researchers at Khon Kaen University have provided additional confirmation for the strong potential of Aloe vera gel in preventing renal stone formation. Based on past use of citrate-rich herbal products in promoting kidney health, two intriguing studies set out to evaluate citrate concentrations in fresh aloe and then observe changes in urinary concentrations among study subjects after consuming aloe gel.

Published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, the studies looked at the health challenge of renal stone formation, which is particularly common in rural Northeast Thailand. While both studies looked specifically at aloe’s ability to promote renal health, their subject groups differed with one study focusing on adults and the other focusing on children, ages 9-13 (with informed permission).

Both subject groups benefited, with the subjects in the children’s study showing a significant increase in citrate concentration and the adult group showing a significant decrease in oxalate excretion. An additional benefit discovered during the studies was on overall increase in urinary volume, also helpful in promoting urinary tract health through decreasing salt crystallization.

“The use of Aloe as a soothing topical is ubiquitous in the US,” said Ken Jones, Chief Science Officer of Aloecorp®, the world’s leading vertically integrated

manufacturer of bioactive aloe products. “Aloe’s benefits for digestive health are well-known too. But, this recent research reveals a benefit that we hope catches the attention of both the natural health world and greater medical community.” Jones explained that the company is focused on discovering new uses and providing scientific support for the many traditional uses of aloe-based products.

Aloecorp’s corporate headquarters are in Washington State; their growing, processing and R&D centers are located in Texas, Mexico and China. With a solid foundation in scientific methodology, Aloecorp’s products are supported by published, peer-reviewed studies. All the company’s products are subject to superior quality standards to guarantee purity, potency and biological activity. Aloecorp is part of the ECONET global family of health and natural product companies. Visit Aloecorp online at:

To learn more about these studies and the many other whole health benefits of Aloe vera gel, contact Aloecorp at [email protected] or call (800) 458-2563, ext. 1135.

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