Solbar Enters Cosmeceutical Market

Following two years of product development, Israel's Solbar Plant Extracts is opening 2008 with new introductions to the global cosmeceuticals market. Solbar’s range of Solgen natural soy isoflavone extracts have been designed for both topical and inside out beauty applications.

Soy Isoflavones are phytoestrogens structurally and functionally similar to estrogen. Clinical research has shown that soy isoflavones can act as age-defying ingredients, not only helping in various conditions from hot flushes to osteoporosis, but also to help recover and reinforce skin elasticity, and improve antioxidant activity.

“The opportunity for food and ingredients suppliers to provide manufacturers with products that truly make good on their promises of improved skin tone has opened up exciting new opportunities,” says Karina Bedrack, global marketing and sales manager, Solbar Industries Ltd.,. “We have been learning the effects of bioactive ingredients such as soy for years, and are very impressed with the recent findings being confirmed by our customers.” Solbar's new marketing campaign is using the slogan "Not even Cleopatra could rely upon baths alone for beautiful skin."

Clinically tested phyto-estrogens have also demonstrated important synergistic benefits; for example together with grape seed extracts and natural lycopene. According to Gary Brenner, Solbar's V.P. Marketing and Development, "We believe the age of single ingredients as an 'end to all problems' is past, with responsible suppliers discovering the benefits of comprehensive synergistic properties of multiple actives. Our focus on cosmeceuticals applications will take this approach into consideration.”

Market research in 2006-2007 has demonstrated the value of this growing market. According to a published study from Freedonia (2006), US cosmeceuticals demand will grow 8.5 percent annually, propelled by a stream of new products offering age-defying and other appearance-enhancing benefits. Datamonitor reported in 2007 that the European cosmeceutical market will see a compound annual growth rate of 4.8% between 2004 and 2009, skyrocketing it from a value of US$929 million to US$4.4 billion over the same time period.

Solbar is a pioneer in the world of soy isoflavones. Having launched its range of Solgen active ingredients in 1997, with concentrations ranging from 3% - 40% natural extracts for tablets, functional foods and beverages and topical. Solbar manufactures its non-GMO IP products under strict HACCP and good manufacturing practices.

For additional information, contact:
Gary Brenner, V.P. Marketing and Development
T: +97288632111, F: +97288561455
[email protected]

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