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Something To Feel Good About: New Study Validates St. John's Wort Efficacy in Support against Depression

Bioforce USA, an industry leader in distinguished natural lifestyle products with scientific support, has announced the results of a clinical survey of 200 patients suffering from mild to moderate depression and the effects of six weeks of taking St. Johns Wort (A. Vogel Hyperiforce) tablets.

The year-long study (March 2006 to March 2007) recruited 33 physicians in private practices in Switzerland. The study looked at several factors of the state of depression itself: severity, anxiety and nervousness, as well as vegetative (physical/systemic) symptoms.

On average, the study found that the six-week three-times daily consumption of one tablet of St. Johns Wort as Hyperiforce reduced: severity of depression by 54%, anxiety by 49% and nervousness by 50%. Vegetative symptoms also had a high on average reduction rate: gastrointestinal symptoms were decreased by 54%, cardiovascular symptoms (e.g., palpitations) by 58%, sleep disorders by 51%, day fatigue by 57% and headache by 65%.

“This study is quite illuminating and unique because it focuses on the symptoms borne of mild to moderate depression – heart palpitations, sleeplessness, GI problems such as constipation, headache and fatigue,” says Eileen Sheets, managing director of Bioforce USA. “The Bioforce research team felt it was important to reveal how this botanical affects the suite of symptoms typical of mild to moderate depression so that consumers may thus have a clearer understanding of what St. John’s wort may be able to do for them or their loved ones.”

Study author Feldhaus, summarizes, “The treatment with A.Vogel Hyperiforce® Tablets during six weeks shows clearly the clinically and statistically significant reduction of symptoms of depression but also of concomitant vegetative symptoms. We feel this is an excellent rating of efficacy and tolerability by patients in the study.”

Feldhaus S., “Treatment of depressive mood with vegetative symptoms with HyperiMed (Hyperiforce)” 2007: 1-42. Awaiting Publication

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