Source One’s Cholesstrinol HP Cuts Inflammation in Study

Source One Global Partners has announced results of a new study of its proprietary Frost & Sullivan award-winning Cholesstrinol™HP formulation that shows dramatic benefits in reducing inflammation and improving heart health. In a 12-week open-label study, 84 hypercholesteremic men and women were given a combination of polymethoxylated flavones and tocotrienols (Cholesstrinol™HP). The main outcome criteria were high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) among other markers of cardiovascular health risk.

The importance of CRP as a definitive factor in cardiovascular status was reported in the renowned "Jupiter Study" published by Ridker and colleagues in the New England Journal of Medicine (2008, 359:2195-2207). The authors wrote: "Increased levels of the inflammatory biomarker high-sensitivity C-reactive protein predict cardiovascular events. Since statins lower levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein as well as cholesterol, we hypothesized that people with elevated high-sensitivity C-reactive protein levels but without hyperlipidemia might benefit from statin treatment."

Dr. Andreas Supersaxo, Director of Research and Development for Vesifact of Baar, Switzerland and member of Source One’s Medical and Scientific Board, said, "The American Heart Association has designated a CRP concentration of < 1mg/L as representing low risk for cardiovascular disease, whereas concentrations of 1.0 to 3.0 mg/L and > 3.0 mg/L have been designated as representing average risk and high risk, respectively." In the 12-week study of Cholesstrinol™HP, hsCRP was significantly lowered in all patients from 2,4 mg/l to 1,4 mg/l (-42%); in patients who responded best (n=21) the hsCRP further decreased from 3,6 mg/l to 1,7 mg/l (-57)% which translates to a considerably lower risk for cardiovascular disease."

The statement of Ridker and colleagues, authors of the "Jupiter Study," underlines the importance of this finding. In the discussion section of their study entitled, "Rosuvastatin to Prevent Vascular Events in Men and Women with Elevated C-Reactive Protein," they write, "We hope the data presented here spur the further development of targeted anti-inflammatory drugs as potential vascular therapeutic agents and lead to innovative trials that can directly address whether the inhibition of inflammation by agents other than statins can reduce rates of vascular events."

Recent research has focused on the anti-inflammatory role of Citrus PMFs, Limonoids and Eriocitrin, Eriodictyol. "Many leaders in the medical community view chronic inflammation as an equally or even more important marker of cardiovascular status than cholesterol or triglyceride levels, and they continue to focus on supplementing with citrus extracts such as PMFs for their extensive benefits for reducing incidence against chronic inflammation," explained Dr. Supersaxo. "Chronic inflammation has become a significant factor, not only for cardiovascular health, but overall health and wellness."

Jesse Lopez, founder and CEO of SourceOne Global Partners, commented, "We are delighted with these results because they validate and complement previous study results that revealed compelling heart-health benefits." For example, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (November/December, 2007, Vol. 13, No. 6), published the results of several studies that combined two of the key ingredients found in Cholesstrinol™, TocoSource® Palm Tocotrienols and PMF-source™ Citrus Flavonoids. The largest study, a 12-week double-blind, placebo-controlled protocol with 120 subjects, resulted in significant improvements in total cholesterol (-30%), LDL (-27%), and triglycerides (-34%), compared to placebo. In addition, HDL levels increased 4%, resulting in a significant 29% improvement in the LDL:HDL ratio.

Further, a recent pharmacokinetic pilot study (single oral dose, double-blind, crossover) comparing the absorption and bioavailability of Polymethoxylated Flavonoids (PMF) using the patented VESIsorb® Delivery System showed that both Nobiletin and Tangeretin are absorbed and extensively metabolized. The PMF absorption of the VESIsorb® formulation was significantly improved and faster (Tmax) compared to the straight PMF powder. Peak plasma levels (Cmax) of Nobiletin, Tangeretin, and their metabolites were also increased up to 800%.

Dr. Andreas Biller, Chief Medical Officer for Dr. Loges, emphasized, "We were excited about the launch of our LipoCorrect formula with Cholesstrinol HP and working with SourceOne. We were delighted with the consistent improvement we saw with all subjects in CRP levels. Utilizing the VESIsorb delivery system developed by Vesifact dramatically improves bioavailability of PMF, eriocitrin, and the palm tocotrienols and delivers even greater support for an improved cardiovascular status."

Lopez added, "Since our initial introduction we have broadened our Cholesstrinol line of formulations while addressing a larger number of health conditions ranging from heart health and antioxidant support to weight management and supporting the body’s natural inflammatory responses."

Dr. Supersaxo added, "Now with VESIsorb® we can improve absorption and increase applications for certain bioactive ingredients like PMFs, palm tocotrienols, and eriocitrin used in this study into functional foods, drink mixes, and beverages. We have succeeded in this area by addressing issues such as water solubility, oxidative stability, shelf life and uniformity of dispersion in the delivery medium. We will partner with Dr. Biller and start another study in September comparing multiple formulations and measuring several clinical end points."

In conclusion Lopez commented, "There are numerous new product launches featuring one of our Cholesstrinol™ formulations and more on the horizon, thanks to this study and other study results we have that are soon to be released. It was clear our PMFs were key citrus extracts delivering a wide range of health benefits, but now with Eriocitrin, Eriodictyol, Naringenin, Hesperitin and Naringin, we have even greater benefits from the Cholesstrinol family of condition specific formulas."

About SourceOne™ Global Partners

SourceOne Global Partners, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is a leading supplier of innovative, science-based, branded ingredients and proprietary formulas to the nutritional supplement, functional food & beverage, cosmetic, and animal nutrition markets. SourceOne has assembled an impressive and enviable portfolio of complementary condition-specific ingredients that address the most pressing health concerns, including heart health, Type II diabetes, cognitive function, diet and energy, and general wellness.

SourceOne is recognized as a leader in delivering the best science nature has to offer through health solutions such as the award-winning Cholesstrinol™ Family of Heart Healthy Formulas, OmegaChoice® Marine Concentrated Omega-3  EPA/DHA  (EFAs), CoQsource® Bio-Enhanced Coenzyme Q10, and SterolSource® Phytosterols. The SourceOne product line continues to expand and also includes TocoSource® Palm Tocotrienols, GammaSource® Mixed Tocopherols, PMF-source™ Citrus Flavonoids (PMF), Tongkat Ali-Source™ as well as Green Tea, Resveratrol, Chondroitin, and more.

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