Study Examines the Effect of Functional Keratin On Equine Lameness

Ten horses with known joint problems leading to lameness were enrolled in the study. Horse diets were supplemented with either Functional Keratin (joint powder) or placebo (1,500 mg) daily. The horse owners and the evaluator were blinded to the identity of the supplement. Horses enrolled in the study were evaluated approximately monthly over a period of 4 months for overall condition and lameness using published methods. There was a small improvement in body condition of horses fed keratin. Following approximately 60 days of the study, lameness improved dramatically in all horses fed keratin and was significantly different compared to placebo. Owner comments were very positive for horses fed Functional Keratin. Compared to similar studies on commercial available joint health supplements, Functional Keratin provideda substantially greater degree of improvement. Given the significant improvement in horse lameness observed, it is recommended this product be used to alleviate horse suffering.

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