Study Indicates That Nutrilite Supplement Moderates Key Markers of Inflammation in People with Specific Genetic Variations

Clinical study published in Journal Nutrition supports principle of nutritional genetics.

Buena Park, CA (PRWEB) November 1, 2007 -- The NUTRILITE® IL1 Heart Health Nutrigenomic Dietary Supplement moderates key markers of inflammation more effectively in individuals with genetic variations associated with over-expression of inflammation, according to the results of a clinical study published online in the journal Nutrition. The study used participants who have different genetic patterns and tested how they responded to the supplement.

Study participants had been previously tested with the GENSONA™ Heart Health Genetic Test, which identifies people who tend to over-produce IL-1, a powerful mediator of the inflammatory response, and have an increased risk for early heart attacks. Qualified participants then received a 12-week course of supplementation with the NUTRILITE IL1 Heart Health Nutrigenomic Supplement or a placebo. Those who tested positive for at-risk IL-1 gene variations were more likely to show a decrease in key markers of inflammation after supplementation than those who tested negative for the IL-1 gene variations.

The NUTRILITE IL1 Heart Health Nutrigenomic Dietary Supplement was developed after screening hundreds of plant extracts in the laboratory for their ability to reduce IL-1 production. It is the first and only natural supplement formulated to specifically address the phytonutrient needs of individuals who have an over expression of the IL-1 gene, to help them maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

"This study demonstrates that the NUTRILITE IL1 Heart Health Nutrigenomic Dietary Supplement does exactly what it is intended to do, which is help balance IL1 gene expression and help maintain normal C-reactive protein levels that are already within the normal range," says Audra Davies, Director of Product Development for Nutrilite. "Through the GENSONA™ Heart Health Genetic Test, this product is recommended for those who have tested positive for IL-1 genetic variations associated with overexpression of inflammation. This study supports that recommendation and Nutrilite's commitment to developing nutritional products that work with an individual's genetics to help them achieve optimal health."

"Although genetic differences are believed to influence how we respond to dietary nutrients, this study is one of very few that selected individuals with different genetic patterns and then tested how each group responded to either a nutrient or a placebo," said Dr. Kenneth Kornman, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Interleukin Genetics, which developed the GENSONA™ Heart Health Genetic Test. "Individuals who took the same supplement showed significantly different results based on their genetics. This botanical product significantly reduced inflammation in those individuals who tested positive for certain IL-1 genetic variations."

Participants in the study were given either a placebo or a supplement once a day for 12 weeks. The NUTRILITE IL1 Heart Health Nutrigenomic Supplement includes rose hips, a blueberry and blackberry mixture and a grape vine extract. Inflammatory response, specifically IL-1 expression and production as well as C-reactive protein (CRP), was measured by chemicals found in the blood, initially taken from participants before supplementation and then collected every four weeks. Participants who received the supplement had a greater reduction in the inflammatory response by their blood cells than those receiving the placebo. The supplement's effects were greater in participants who tested positive for the IL-1 genetic variations associated with over-expression of inflammation. In addition, significantly more genotype positive participants achieved a reduction in blood CRP levels with the supplement than with placebo. No CRP effect was observed in the IL-1 genotype negative participants.

About Nutrilite
Nutrilite is the world's leading brand of vitamin, mineral, and dietary supplements, based on 2006 sales.* Nutrilite is so committed to total quality control of its plant concentrates from seed to tablet, it's the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on its own certified organic farms, located in California, Washington, Mexico, and Brazil.

Nutrilite products are available exclusively through NUTRILITE products, visit Quixtar Inc.


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